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Retail spaces are often given out for lease as most retailers don’t prefer to buy out an entire property just for a few-years use. The conditions that are made when renting out a retail space are very different from the ones made when renting out a house. And therefore, it is all the more important to have a contract when a retail space is rented out just so that things are clear between the owners and the retailers who use the property.

A legally binding contract that is made between a retailer who uses a space and the owner of a retail space is called as a retail space lease contract.

Here is what a retail space lease contract usually consists of:

Before you download one of the sample retail space lease contracts that we have got for free, you should know what a contract such as that is usually made up of. Here are all the components of a retail space lease contract listed out.

  • The details of the retail space that is to be leased out is described in detail.
  • The details of the owner and the tenant then follow.
  • The terms and conditions follow after which the duo sign.

Sample Retail Space Lease Contract

Retail Space Lease Contract


A lease agreement is an agreement made between the owner or landlord of a property and the tenant or lessee of a property. These agreements are made to permit the lessee to use the landlord’s property for a certain defined period of time in return for the lease payment.

These agreements can be of many types but the standard or regular version of it can be termed as a standard lease agreement contract. A standard lease agreement contract is a contract formed between a lessor and a lessee to discuss the lease terms and clauses.

A standard lease agreement contract must define who the lessee and the lessor are and give their contact details including addresses and contact numbers. The document must then give the details of the property that has been leased or the product/item/good which has been leased.

One must also always indicate the starting and ending day of the lease which in legal terms are known as the commencement date of contract and the termination date of contract. All the clauses and rules of the contract must come under the terms and conditions heading. The terms must indicate the code of conduct for both parties during the length of the contract.

Sample Standard Lease Agreement Contract:


Download Contract


The contract which is formed between a LESSEE of a residential property and the SUBLESSEE of the property to sublease the property is known as a residential sublease agreement contract. Any such contract is formed when an already leased residential property is further put on lease to the third party or person. These contracts are legal in nature which means that their terms and conditions cannot be violated under any circumstances. Given below is a sample of a residential sublease agreement contract:

Sample Residential Sublease Agreement Contract

Effective date of contract: 28th Nov 2012

Termination date of contract: 28th Nov 2013

Effective length of contract: 12 months

This contract has been formulated between the parties with the following given details:

LESSEE Details:

Name: Mr. Robert Harman

Address: 2-P, second floor, Modern towers, London

Contact number: 479037905



Name: Mr. Jack Peterson

Address:  S/89, third floor, Martin street, London

Contact number: 473059509

Details of Residential Property:

Address: 234, Gregory square, London

Type: 2 BHK with servant quarters

Facilities included: electricity supply, water supply, internet connection

Owner name: Mr. Tim Black

Contact number of owner: 470235705

Sublease payment: $1500 per month

Terms and Conditions:

  • This contract has been formed with the permission of the owner of the residential flat.
  • The LESSEE agrees to sublease the property to the SUBLESSEE, who shall be making the rental payment to the LESSEE.
  • The LESSEE shall continue to make the lease payments to the owner.
  • The SUBLESSEE cannot further lease or rent out the property to any other party or person.
  • The SUBLESSEE shall only use the property for residential use and not any other purpose.
  • The LESSEE holds the right to inspect the property but only after informing the SUBLESSEE in advance.

Signatures of the Parties:

Robert Harman

Jack Peterson

An apartment sublease agreement contract is a kind of a legal document which is formed in the case when the lessee or tenant of an apartment decides to sublease the apartment to a third party who in this case is known as the sublessee. These contracts are legally binding documents which bind both the parties in certain terms and conditions which must not be violated. Given below is a sample of an apartment sublease agreement contract which can be used as a reference document.

Sample Apartment Sublease Agreement Contract

Effective date of contract: 18th September 2012

Termination date of contract: 18th September 2013

Effective term: 12 months

This contract has been made by and between:

LESSEE Details:

Name: Mr. Nathan Joshua

Residential address: D/78, Darwin Street, London

Contact number: 479786898



Name: Miss Jennie Mathews

Permanent Address:  128, friend’s enclave, Birmingham

Contact number: 473494294

Details of the Property:

Address: 793, Putney Bridge road, east Putney, London

Type: 1 BHK (furnished)

Facilities included: electricity supply, water supply, internet connection

This apartment belongs to the original LESSOR:

Name: Greg Black

Contact number: 4602705055

Sublease payment: $1500 per month

Terms and Conditions:

  • The LESSEE in this contract is the tenant of the apartment since 2011 and has completed one year of contract with LESSOR.
  • The LESSEE agrees to further lease the apartment to the SUBLESSEE for 12 months.
  • The SUBLESSEE shall be making sublease payments to the LESSEE, who in turn shall continue making lease payments to the LESSOR.
  • The SUBLESSEE shall be responsible for the property maintenance and cleanliness of the apartment and must make the sublease payments within the first week of each month.
  • The LESSEE holds the right to inspect the apartment after informing the SUBLESSEE 2 days in advance.

Signatures of the Parties:

Nathan Joshua

Jennie Mathews

A lease standard form contract is a legal document which is entered between the owner of the property and the person who is accepting that property on lease. This is a legally drafted standard document that contains the details of the parties involved and all the terms and conditions agreed by both the parties. A sample contract is given below for reference.

Sample Lease Standard Form Contract:

Lease standard form contract Number: 78/ JKP

This Lease standard form contract is prepared and entered on March 12th , 2010 between Mr. Andrew Jami whose address is 87/Wing- B, Low Beam Apartment, High Border Lake Colony, Toronto, Canada, referred to as the Lessor AND Miss Ana Monte staying at: House No. 17, Happy Dwellers Society, Surrey, Canada, referred to as the Lessee.

As per the contract, the Lessor has agreed, to lease out his fully furnished apartment to the lessee’s family, under the Lease standard form contract.

This lease standard form contract is commencing on March 12th, 2010 and is ending on November 27th, 2011.

Following mentioned are the promises and covenants prepared with the approval of both the parties:

Address of the Leased Apartment

Building No: 16, Low Bridge Avenue

Full Circle Road

Ottawa Canada

Payment Term:

The lessee will make a payment of $5570 in advance as the security deposit and $ 557 as the monthly rental in the first week of every month.

  • Obligations of the Lessor:

The lessor will lease the apartment with all the basic facilities like furnishing, electrical apparatus and other household accessories. In case of any kind of damage the lessee will bear the 60% cost of the entire repair.

  • Termination:

If any violation and misconduct is recorded from any of the parties, this contract will be dissolved.

Hereby, both the parties will accept the Lease standard form Contract:

Signature of the Lessor:

Andrew Jami

Signature of the Lessee:

Ana Monte


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