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An international contract is a legal document that is related to cross border deals or agreement. When parties from different nations enter into a mutual agreement over a product, service or business then the document signed between them is known as an international contract.

The following are a few types of international contracts:

  1. International franchise contract
  2. International sale contract
  3. International construction contract

An international contract is an important piece of document as the clauses mentioned in it are explicit due to the differences in law of both countries as well as the culture of the parties could be varied. So the following points must be mentioned in an international contract to make it more simplified and also equally understandable for the involved parties:

  • The contact details of both the parties must be specified clearly in the beginning of the contract.
  • The duration of the contract and its effective date are two points that are mandatory to be mentioned in any kind of contract.
  • The terms and conditions should very clearly define the detailed monetary figures so that it there is no dispute in the future.
  • The duties, responsibilities and limitations of both the parties are the points which are very vital in an international contract.

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Investment Contract Letter


An investment contract is a document which two or more entities sign where one of the parties is investing a certain amount of money with the other party. The investment contract letter is a letter which either party writes to the other discussing the points of the contract such as the terms and conditions of the contract etc. A sample of an investment contract letter has been provided below; it can be used by anyone to frame their own letter.

Sample Investment Contract Letter


Mr. Jonathan James Jr.

Senior Manager

Hanford Stocks and Securities

69, First Floor

William Street, New Jersey,


25th February, 2012.

Subject: Regarding portfolio investment.

Mr. Jonathan

This is to inform you that I have gone through the details of your firms’ portfolio investment background. I have also read through the proposal of investment I received from your team. It gives me great pleasure in informing you that I am interested in signing an investment contract with your firm.

I would like to discuss following terms with you:

  • I would like to be informed about all the places where the money is being used for investment.
  • I should be provided with regular updates of the performance of the investments made.
  • Interest payments will be made quarter i.e. by the last day of the last month of every quarter.
  • I shall provide with a due notice before making any withdrawals from the amount invested with the firm.

I would like for you to arrange the framing of a contract to legalize the deal.

Yours Sincerely,


Ms. Kenny Forges

Independent Investor

45th, Jenson Street,

New Jersey,


A free international contract refers to the sort of contracts which are provided so as to be used by anyone in need of framing a similar contract free of charge. An international contract on other hand refers to the contract which is signed between two or more entities across borders. The sample free international contract presented below is a contract between a corporate buyer and a seller located in different countries.

Sample Free International Contract

The contract is being prepared by and is being signed between M/s Johnson Silks Ltd and M/s Jenny Fabrics Ltd. as on the 25th of February 2012.

The contract states that M/s Johnson Silks Ltd has agreed to supply the specified amounts of the fabrics to M/s Jenny Fabrics Ltd. as on 17th March 2012.

Order Details:

Fabric no. 31273: 11 units

Fabric no. 4092: 25 units

Fabric no. 36887: 5 units

Details of the Supplier:

Official Name: M/s Johnson Silks Ltd

Authorized personnel: Ms. Halley Geller

Position: Chief Sales Manager

Contact No.: 0120-978-74-834

Location: New Jersey, USA.

Details of Buyer:

Official Name: M/s Jenny Fabrics Ltd.

Authorized Personnel: Mr. Ronny Jackson

Job Position: Chief Purchase Manger

Contact No.: 0340-89-47-494

Location: Munich, Germany.

Terms of the Contract:

  1. The piece rate is as per the mutual negotiation between the involved parties.
  2. The arrangement of the timely and safe delivery of the material is the sole responsibility of the seller.
  3. A part of the payment has been made. The rest of payment will be made once the delivery is made and the buyer is satisfied.


_____________________________ (Ms. Halley Geller)

_____________________________ (Mr. Ronny Jackson)



International Agreements

An international contract letter is a letter which is sent by one party to another so as to seal the terms of an international contract formed between them. These contract letters are sent or made between parties which are internationally linked and the content of the letter mainly consists of the terms and conditions of the international contract. Given below is a sample of one such international contract letter.

Sample International Contract Letter


Ms. Halley Hopes

Sales Manger

M/s Johnson Fabrics Ltd.

45th and 3rd, Willy Lane,

New Jersey,


25th February, 2012.

Subject: Regarding the export contract for the purchase of fabrics.

Miss Halley

This is to discuss the details of the purchase (sale) contract which is being signed between M/s Henry Creations Ltd. and M/s Johnson Fabrics Ltd. The contract will record that we have agreed to purchase the specified fabrics from your fabrics branch.

We agree to settle for the following terms of contract:

  • The supplier is responsible for the arrangements of the delivery of the fabrics.
  • The commodities will be as per specifications and the price of the items will be as per statement in the tender.
  • The payments shall be cleared within 5hrs from the receipt of the commodities.
  • The buyer is responsible for the items once we receive them on the end point of mode of delivery.

We will be obliged proceed \once we receive a letter of agreement from your representatives.

Yours Sincerely,


Ms. Kelly Ross

Purchase Manager

M/s Henry Creations Ltd.

7th, William Plaza,

Benson Street, London

United Kingdom.

An international contract example implies an example or sample of an international contract. An international contract is a document which is prepared to formalize an arrangement between two or more entities. The fact that these entities are situated in different countries is the reason it is called international agreement. In the sample of international contract given below, the reference is to the deal between two entities where one of the parties is making an investment with other.

Sample International Contract Example

The contract has been prepared and is being signed by Mr. Manny Marlow and Mr. John Kelly Burke as on the 25th of the month of February, 2012.

This contract states that Mr. Manny Marlow has agreeably made an investment with Mr. John Kelly Burke. According to the contract the invested amount will be used to create a diverse portfolio across the various corporate.

Amount invested: $3.5 million

Date of making the investment: 25th February 2012

Details of the Investment Manager:

Official Name: Burke Stocks and Securities Ltd.

Authorized Personnel: Mr. John Kelly Burke

Contact No.: 013-82-86-086

Official Location: Manhattan, New York, USA

Details of the Investor:

Name: Mr. Manny Marlow

Location: Essex, United Kingdom.

Contact No.: 038-82-73-848

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The decisions regarding the creation of the portfolio are responsibility of the investment manager. Though the investor must be given the updates of the investments bought/ sold.
  2. The interest due must be paid to the investor in timely fashion.
  3. The details of the returns must be forwarded to the investor.


_____________________ (Mr. Manny Marlow)

_____________________ (Mr. John Kelly Burke)