Real Estate Franchise Contract

Often, large real estate companies have multiple business or office branches which they may not always be able to run or handle on their own.  For this purpose, real estate... Read More

Retail Franchise Contract

A retail franchise is an arrangement made between two parties, one of which is the owner of a retail branch and the other who is the franchisee of that retail... Read More

Business Franchise Contract

A business franchise is a formal arrangement that is formed between a business owner and a person or party who agrees to run a branch of that business for a... Read More

Franchise Sale Contract

A franchise is an entity or branch of a business which the owner of the business hands over to another person or party for fixed period of time. During this... Read More

Termination of Franchise Contract

A franchise is time bound arrangement made between a franchisor and a franchisee where the franchisor lets the franchisee run his/her business branch in return for a franchise payment.  Whenever... Read More

Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise Contracts

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise contract is one that is entered into between the YUM Brands Inc and another company that wishes to open an outlet of Kentucky fried chicken.... Read More

McDonalds Franchise Contracts

McDonalds Franchise Contract is one that provides a business opportunity to an individual or an organization who wishes to open a McDonald’s outlet. The franchise contract provides all the terms... Read More

Education Franchise Contracts

Education Franchise Contract is one that is entered into between an educational institution and another company that wants to take up its franchise. The main purpose of the contract for... Read More

Franchise Contracts

Franchise contracts are very important agreements which are made between the franchisee and the franchisor. These are legally binding documents which stress upon the duties and responsibilities of both the... Read More

Franchise Contract Example

A franchise contract refers to the sort of contract which is signed between two companies/ entities one of whom is a parent company and the other a business enterprise i.e.... Read More

Franchise Contract Format

A franchise contract format is a document which is prepared for the sole purpose of presenting the structure of a franchise contract. A franchise contract is a contract signed between... Read More

Franchise Contract Form

A franchise contract form refers to a document which lays down the terms and conditions agreed between the parties and the details of the parties involved in a franchise contract.... Read More

Free Franchise Contract

A free franchise contract is a legal document that is drafted when an individual or an organization opens a franchise of an organization with a chain of outlets and the... Read More