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A work for hire contract or an employment contract is a legally binding agreement between an employee and an employer who intend to work together for a specific term. It is important for an employee and an employer to get into this sort of agreement so as to have their tasks and responsibilities set out and to avoid any problems during the term of their work.

The employer specifies all the tasks that the employer needs to perform for the company or for him while the term of his employment lasts. All details of the payment that is to be done to the employer are mentioned in the contract. In addition to that, any special responsibilities that are to be taken up by the employer are to be mentioned in the contract. A note on all the holidays is usually mentioned beforehand in a work for hire contract.

The ‘terms and conditions’ section of the contract which states all the rules of conduct that are to be followed by the employer and the employee is a really important part of the contract. Throughout the employment term, the employee and employer should abide by all the tasks and terms that are mentioned in the work for hire contract.




There are several types of agencies in the world. While some agencies help companies to find employees, others may perform other types of duties. Whenever an agency hires an employee, then it gets into a formal arrangement with the employee and this arrangement is termed as an agency employment contract.  An agency employment contract is a legally enforceable document which encircles the parties into a legal circle and makes it mandatory for them to follow all the rules and covenants.  If any of the parties were to violate the terms and conditions, then it may have to face legal complications or implications.

An agency employment contract is a detailed document which consists of many pieces of information including the names of the parties, their addresses, their contact numbers and the salary which the agency has to pay to the employee. The contract must also specify the duties which the agency employee must fulfil for as long as the contract remains effective. An agency employment contract must also consist of certain terms and conditions which specify the various other important details of the contract such as the work timings of the employee, days of work, holiday details and other such benefits etc.

Sample Agency Employment Contract:

Agency Employment Contract forms1

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Whenever a school or any other educational institute hires a teacher, then the authority and the hired teacher enter into a mutual agreement which is known as a teacher employment agreement contract. A teacher employment agreement contract is a formal agreement which lays down the various roles and responsibilities of both the parties and also describes the duties of the hired teacher. Such contracts generally also state the commencement date of employment, the termination date of employment as well as the length of the contract. These contracts must clearly specify the payment details which mean that the salary figure and other benefits must be laid down precisely.

A teacher employment agreement contract is a very common contract which is formed always when a teacher is hired so that there is no possibility of fraud or breach in the future course. The contract must give the various terms and conditions that must specify what the parties are expected to do under various different scenarios.   These contracts help the teachers to demand their rights in case the school fails to do so and also help the educational institute assert their rights in case the teacher breaches or violates any duty or rule.

Sample Teacher Employment Agreement Contract:

Teacher Employment Agreement Contract

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An employment contract is a kind of a contract which is made between an employee and an employer so as to assert the fact that the employer has hired the employee at a certain position and for a fixed time period and payment. A renewal of employment contract is a contract which is formed in order to renew an already existing or terminated contract of employment. Such a contract must state the reason for renewal, the time period of renewal and other valid and important details.

A renewal of employment contract serves the same purpose as any other employment contract and is drafted on the same lines. It must give the job duties and responsibilities of the employee along with the salary (same or renewed) as well. It should also give all the personal details of the employer and the employee along with the effective time period or length of the employment. Such a contract also specifies the various terms and conditions, on the basis of which the parties are to act during the length. The terms and conditions must present several situations and how the parties are to act in all those situations. The contract must be signed by both the parties.

Employment Contract Template

Employment Contract Templat

Sample Renewal of Employment Contract:

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A sales executive is that employee of the sales department of a company who is responsible for making sales or selling off the products or services to a customer or client. Whenever an employer hires an employee at the position of a sales executive, he/she signs a formal employment contract which is known as a sales executive employment contract.  A Sales executive employment contract is a legally enforceable document which is used to specify the roles and responsibilities of involved parties, especially that of the sales executive who is hired.

A sales executive employment contract is a document which begins by giving the personal details of the involved parties including the names, contact numbers and addresses. The document must also give the salary figure of the sales executive along with the other benefits and perks. The contract must also state the duties which the sales executive will need to fulfil once he/she is appointed. It is also important to mention the commencement date, termination date and the effective length of the employment. The terms and conditions are the most important part of a sales executive employment contract and should specify all the major clauses and covenants.  The document must be signed by both parties at the bottom.

Sample Sales Executive Employment Contract :

Sales Executive Employment Contract

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