Work for Hire Contract

A work for hire contract or an employment contract is a legally binding agreement between an employee and an employer who intend to work together for a specific term. It... Read More

Agency Employment Contract

There are several types of agencies in the world. While some agencies help companies to find employees, others may perform other types of duties. Whenever an agency hires an employee,... Read More

Teacher Employment Agreement Contract

Whenever a school or any other educational institute hires a teacher, then the authority and the hired teacher enter into a mutual agreement which is known as a teacher employment... Read More

Renewal of Employment Contracts

An employment contract is a kind of a contract which is made between an employee and an employer so as to assert the fact that the employer has hired the... Read More

Sales Executive Employment Contract

A sales executive is that employee of the sales department of a company who is responsible for making sales or selling off the products or services to a customer or... Read More

Sales Assistant Employment Contract

An employment contract is a contract which is made between two parties-the employer and the employee and such a contract makes the employment of the employee in a company legal.... Read More

Employment Service Contract

Whenever an employee or a business owner hires employees or workers to perform a certain service, then the employer and the employee may wish to draft a written proof of... Read More

Sales Job Employment Contract

A sales job employment contract is a contract or a legal document which is framed between a company and an employee who has been hired at a sales job position.... Read More

Real Estate Sales Employment Contract

Real estate sales employment contract is a legal document that contains all the terms and conditions of employment entered between a real estate company and a sales candidate hired by... Read More

Employment Contracts

An employment contract is a kind of an agreement which is made when an employer employs an employee. It can either be a verbal or a written document. An employee... Read More

Employment Contract Letter

An employment contract letter is a document which an individual who may be an employer (or an employee) writes to the other party i.e. the employee (or employer), discussing the... Read More

Employment Contract Format

An employment contract format is a document which is used to lay down the well detailed structure of any employment contract which is framed when a company signs a contract... Read More

Employment Contract Form

An employment contract form refers to a regular contract of employment drawn between entities which are employing an individual (s) for a certain position. The employment contract records all the... Read More