Joint Product Development Contract

A joint product development contract is a kind of a contract or agreement which is formed in the case when two or more than two parties agree to develop a... Read More

Artist Development Deal Contract

Whenever a major label or company hires an artist (usually in the music field) to sing for an album or compose music, a contract is formed between the artist and... Read More

Development Manager Contract

Many business entities, companies or other types of organizations often hire managers who are required to take care of the development and growth related tasks and duties. These individuals are... Read More

Development Consultant Contract

For people working in every field and each industry, constant development of work or business is highly important. As soon as development stops, success’s way will be blocked. Thus to... Read More

Development Contracts

Development Contracts are those contracts which are signed between two parties who agree to settle down upon the development of a product or entity. Such contracts are legal in nature... Read More

Free Development Contract

A free development contract is a formally drafted document which is made between two parties where one of them is a developer of some kind and the other is a... Read More

Development Contract Form

A development contract form is a document which acts like an actual development contract and can be used as a reference document by any person wishing to frame a contract... Read More

Development Contract Example

A development contract example is a well detailed example of a document which can be used as a development contract. A development contract is a contract which is formed between... Read More

Labour Market Development Contract

A labour market development contract is a contract which is signed between two bodies or entities to work on the development of the labour market of a particular area or... Read More

Land Development Contract

A Contract made between two parties where the land owner hires an individual or party for the development of the piece of land is known as land development contract. Such... Read More

Video game Development Contract

Video game development contract is a contract where video games are developed by software developers. Development takes place between a game developer, which can vary from a single person to... Read More

Artist Development Contract

Artist development contract is a usually a first contract between an artist and an organization who helps to develop the career of the artist. Such types of deals are mostly... Read More

Area Project Development Contract

Area development contract is a contract which is made when one party hires the other to develop a particular area. These contracts are formal in nature and are generally enforceable... Read More