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A joint product development contract is a kind of a contract or agreement which is formed in the case when two or more than two parties agree to develop a product in partnership or jointly. Joint product development is a common occurrence which takes place when only one person or company is unable to develop a certain product and thus joins hands with another for added resources, expertise and skills. A joint product development contract is designed to secure the rights of the involved parties so that they do not have to face any kind of loss in a situation where one of the parties breaches the terms or mutually discussed points.

A joint product development contract is a formally agreement which is legally enforceable in nature. This means that none of the parties is allowed to violate the terms and may have to face legal complications if it does so. The contract must give details of the parties, details of the product and respective responsibilities of the parties as far as development is concerned. The monetary details and share of profits and losses must also be clearly given in the terms and conditions of the joint product development contract.

Sample Joint Product Development Contract:

Joint Product Development Contract

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Whenever a major label or company hires an artist (usually in the music field) to sing for an album or compose music, a contract is formed between the artist and the label and this contract is known as an artist development deal contract. An artist development deal contract is made so that the label can hold the right to manage the publicity, marketing and other such things related to the artist and the album.  This means that the label takes control over the publishing rights and the management of the artist.  It promises to develop the skills and the public image of the artist by the means of such a contract.

An artist development deal contract is a formal and legally binding document which must consist of the details of both the artist as well as the music label. The contract should state the exact time period for which the artist shall be under the label’s managerial range.  Such contracts can be extensive in nature, which means that they may discuss each of the terms and conditions in a lot of detail so that there is no confusion in the future during the contract.  The salary, benefits and other such perks should also be mentioned in the contract.

Sample Artist Development Deal Contract:

Artist Development Deal Contract

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Many business entities, companies or other types of organizations often hire managers who are required to take care of the development and growth related tasks and duties. These individuals are termed as development managers and help the entities to move on the path of constant development. When a development manager is hired by a company, then the employment contract that is made between the parties is known as a development manager contract. A development manager contract is a formal document which lays down the basic and detailed rules about the association between the parties.

A development manager contract is important for both parties since it acts as a proof of mutual discussion in case any one of the parties breaches or violates its details or terms. The contract sets forth the details of the parties, date of commencement, date of termination, the salary figure as well as the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are detailed bulleted points which describe the duties of the development consultant and also explain the boundaries within which the parties are expected to stay. For mutual consent and agreement, the development consultant as well as the employer are required to sign the contract at the bottom.

Sample Development Manager Contract:



For people working in every field and each industry, constant development of work or business is highly important. As soon as development stops, success’s way will be blocked. Thus to ensure that a business or any other entity is on the path of success, employers or owners often hire development consultants who help them with their goal. In such a scenario, the employer and the consultant may form a contract which is known as a development consultant contract.

  • A development consultant contract is a formal document which specifies the job duties and responsibilities of the development consultant and also defines the way in which the employer is supposed to act as long as the consultant is employed.
  • The contract specifies the time duration for which it is effective and this time period is known as the effective term or length of contract. This period starts from commencement date and goes on till the termination date.
  • A development consultant contract must give the total salary figure or the monthly salary figure which the employer shall be paying to the development consultant for his/her services.
  • The contract must also have a section where detailed terms and conditions of the association are provided.

Sample Development Consultant Contract:

Development Consultant Contract

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Development Contracts are those contracts which are signed between two parties who agree to settle down upon the development of a product or entity. Such contracts are legal in nature which implies that if any of the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract is violated then the party at fault would have to face legal actions taken against them.

Under the category of development contracts, there are various sub categories. The following are the few types of development contracts:

  • Software development contract
  • Property development contract
  • Business development contract


Any kind of a development contract is formal in nature and must be written in accordance with a particular format and method. There are many things that one must keep in mind. The following few points shall explain in brief the right way to frame a development contract:

  • Firstly, mention the names of the parties involved in the contract as well as the address of the respective parties.
  • The effective date of the development contract and the duration of contract must be clearly written down too.
  • The terms and conditions form the most important part of the contract which should be written down point wise.
  • It is important for both parties to sign the contract at the end.

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