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A car dealer service contract is a kind of a contract which is made between a car owner and a car dealer so as to formalize the service regulations of the car. In such a case, the car dealer and the car owner are setting out rules and specifications for the servicing of the car for a certain period of time which is known as the effective length of the contract. This effective length lies between the commencement date and the termination date of the service contract. A car dealer service contract makes it mandatory for the involved parties to follow a set of clauses and abide by them to avoid any legal implications. The legal nature of such contracts makes them so important and useful.

A car dealer service contract specifies the things to be covered in the car servicing and only talks about the service costs etc.  The contract gives the details of both the involved parties and also mentions the various terms and conditions on the basis of which the parties must act as long as the contract remains valid. Such contracts are very common and help customers avail car servicing from the dealers who sold them the car.

Sample Car Dealer Service Contract:

Car Dealer Service Contract1


Download Car Dealer Service Contract


A product dealership is a kind of a dealership where a product manufacturer or company hands over the right to sell that product to another company or person. In such a scenario, both the manufacturer and the assigned dealer enter into a formal and mutually binding agreement which is termed as a product dealership contract. A product dealership contract is a legally enforceable contract which makes it mandatory for the involved parties to abide by the given clauses and details of the contract. Such a contract is made using a formal format and must be very detailed in nature.

A product dealership contract must consist of the details of both the manufacturer and the dealer. These details should include the names, addresses and the contact number.  Apart from this, the contract should also give details of the product whose dealership is being handed over as well as the cost or payment details. The terms and conditions of a product dealership contract should specify the role of the dealer and how can he exercise the dealership during the length of the contract. It is important for the parties to sign such a contract to show their mutual agreement.

Sample Product Dealership Contract:

Product Dealership Contract

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Dealership contracts are basically written documents prepared lawfully so as to bring all parties involved in a deal together and make them agree on various clauses inherent to the contract by making them thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions so framed to put a specific code of conduct, in terms of dealership practice. These contracts should hence be signed by both parties – the dealers as well as the respective customers.

Dealership contracts are generally represented in a written format, although oral contracts are also possible. The basic reason for drafting them in pen and paper is to maintain records of all dealership details, of some particular product or service generally in bulk or at comparatively lower costs, to serve as evidences of authenticity of the contract and its corresponding terms if so required in case of legal obligations. A few noteworthy points to be considered while framing dealership contracts are:

  • All details of identification of both parties, registered under law, are to be provided in the dealership contracts. Their approval of the contract should be stated in clear terms so as to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. The involved parties should also sign the contract neatly.
  • Dealership contracts should contain respective contract number, registration codes, product or service specifications, accurate price, etc. Also, the date of signing the contract should be mentioned and the validity period included.
  • Dealership contract should state all terms in details and include events where the contract may stand legally cancelled. Penalty statements and fine, if any, should be mentioned herein as well.

Sample Dealership Contract

Dealership Contract Template

Dealership Contract Format

Exclusive Dealership Contract

Automobile Dealership Contract

Sub Dealership Contract

Car Dealership Contract

Dealership Service Contract

Laptop Dealership Contract

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Tractor Dealership Contract

Tractor Dealership Contract is a legal written document in which two parties mutually enter into a contract for the sale and purchase of tractors. One party is the seller and the other is the dealer of the tractors.

Sample Tractor dealership Contract

Contract number: – TC/45/K

This agreement is signed between

TLC Company

Fortune Street

New Jersey, United States of America


Forbes Dealers

Formula Road

Dallas, United States of America

TLC Company (Manufacturer) and Forbes Dealers (Dealer) have entered into a contract under the following terms and conditions:-

  • Manufacturer will provide the required number of tractors to Forbes Dealers
  • The Dealer will have to make a 25% down payment and balance payment can be paid in installments. Each installment shall be 8% of the balance payment.
  • Manufactures will provide genuine pieces and all the required spare parts shall also be provided
  • All the transportation cost shall be borne by the Dealer.
  • The profits from the sale of tractors are the earnings of the dealer and the manufacturer has no right over the profits incurred.
  • Any defects in the parts shall be repaired by the manufacturer.
  • This contract is valid for a term of 10 years.


  • Any breach in the above said conditions will lead to end of the contract
  • 30 days from the date of giving written notice the contract will be terminated.


Dispute settlement is to be done by the Jurisdiction Court

Here in the contract is said to be valid

Signature of the Manufacturer

TLC Company

Signature of the Dealer

Forbes Dealers

A used motorcycle dealership contract is a contract formed between two parties, one of which is the seller of any used motorcycle and another is the buyer who agrees to pay an amount for the used motorcycle.

Sample Used Motorcycle Dealership Contract

Contract number: – MDC/24

Date of commencement of agreement: – 10th June 2010

This contract is signed between

ABD Company

23rd street, 1st building

Florida, United States of America


RDG Motors

2nd turn, 1st street

New York, United States of America

ABD co. (the seller) and RDG Motors (Buyer) have agreed to the following terms and conditions:-

  • ABD co. will provide all used motorcycles to RDG motors
  • RDG motors will make a 20% down payment and balance payment in the form of installments; where in each installment will be 10% of the balance payment.
  • All the cost of repaired second hand motorcycles shall be borne by the Seller
  • Motorcycles once sold further shall be maintained by the Buyer
  • All transportation charges will be borne by the Buyer.
  • Buyer is liable to receive all the earnings from the further sale of motorcycles and the seller has no right over the profits
  • Spare parts shall be provided by the Seller.


Any breach in the above said terms and conditions shall lead to termination of the contract.

Dispute Settlement:-

  • Settlement of dispute shall take place in the jurisdiction court.
  • Outside the court settlement is also accepted.

There after the contract is said to come into existence

Signature of the Seller

ABD Company

Signature of the Buyer

RDG Motors


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