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It is often difficult for working couples of these days to take care of their children full time. Children however, need the full attention of an adult for their overall development, atleast until they reach a certain age. Whether you decide to get your kid into a full time child care institution or you hire a full-time nanny to take care of your child, it is important to form a contract with the care taker.

A legally binding contract such as that, which is made between the parents of a child and the care-taker of the child is a full-time child care contract.

Here is what a full-time child care contract usually consists of:

Before you download one of the sample full-time child care contracts that we have got, you should know what a contract such as that is usually made up of. Here are all the components of a full time child care contract listed out.

  • The details of the child in question are described at the very beginning of the contract.
  • The parents’ and the child-care-taker’s contacts are then mentioned.
  • The terms and conditions including the duties and compensation to the care-taker follow.
  • The signatures are then made.

Sample Full Time Child Care Contract

Full Time Child Care Contract

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Boarding houses are helpful by a great amount if we are in need of places to stay in for a short duration of time. These days, with an increase in the number of travellers and increase in the number of people that visit places for business purposes, the popularity and the usage of boarding houses has gone up. Before anyone decides to use a boarding house though, it is important that they make a contract with them.

A legally binding agreement that is made by boarding homes with their guests is a house boarding contract.

Here is what a house boarding contract usually consists of:

Before you download one of the sample house boarding contracts that we have got, you should know what a contract such as that is usually made up of. Here are all the components of a house boarding contract listed out.

  • All the details of the boarding house and the person using it are mentioned at the very beginning of the contract.
  • The details of the stay and the details of the payment then follow.
  • Terms and conditions that the boarding house owner expects the person staying in it to stick to are listed out, followed by their signatures.


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A transport agreement contract is a kind of an agreement or contract which is formed between the owner of a transportation service company and a client who agrees to use the services provided by the transportation company. Any such contract may be either formed to transport goods to and from the client or provide human transportation services such as pick and drop etc.

Such a contract lays down all the terms and conditions which have to be followed by the involved parties and is a legal document which if violated, can result in legal implications. A sample of a transport agreement contract has been given below for reference.

Sample Transport Agreement Contract

This transport agreement has been formed between the CLIENT and the SERVICE PROVIDER on the effective date of 30th June 2013.

Termination date of contract: 30th June 2014.

As per this contract, the SERVICE PROVIDER has to provide transportation services to the CLIENT between his/her office and residential address.

Details of the Client:

Name: Fred Redding

Residential address: 3/k, first floor, Markson tower, East London

Mobile number: 4740370355

Details of the Service Provider:

Name: Greg Henderson

Address: 23/k, ground floor, Potter’s enclave, London

Mobile number: 4709535354

Details of the transportation vehicle:

Name: Mercedes Benz Van

Registration number: R-567/l

Payment Details:

The CLIENT shall be paying a sum of $1000 per month to the SERVICE PROVIDER in return for the transportation services.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The SERVICE PROVIDER must pick the CLIENT on all working days at 8 am and provide drop back services at the time of office closing.
  • In case the CLIENT is on leave from office, he must inform the SERVICE PROVIDER in advance.
  • The CLIENT must make the payment on the 1st working day of each month.

Signatures of the Parties:

Fred Redding

Greg Henderson

A new product development contract is a sort of an arrangement which is made between two or more parties. The arrangement so made is in reference to a new product which is to be developed by one party for the other party involved in the contract. A sample of a new product development contract is given below. In the sample a parent company is contracting a research and development firm to develop a new product.

Sample New Product Development Contract

This contract is being signed between M/s Harper Brothers Ltd. and Monroe & Monroe Co. Pvt. Ltd. on the 3rd of June 2013.

As per the document M/s Harper Brothers Ltd. has contracted Monroe & Monroe Co. Pvt. Ltd. to develop a new product for their company. The details are as given below.

Details of the Contracting Company:

Name: M/s Harper Bothers Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. Daniel Harper

Designation: Chief Executive Officer

Contact No.: 35873896

Details of Developing Company:

Name: Monroe & Monroe CO. Pvt. Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. John Somers

Designation: General Manager

Contact No.: 375983525

Details of the Product:

Type: Energy drink.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The developing company has to develop a formula for an energy drink as per the specifications of the contracting company/ buyer within the specified deadline.

2. Once the formula is developed it is to be assigned to the contracting firm, and the developers hold no right over the drink.

3. Any information or knowledge collected during the development of this product belongs to the contracting company.

4. In case the developing firm makes use of collected information for other company, the contracting firm has a right to take legal actions.

5. The product may be managed by both the parties involved; the authority to make any decision regarding this is assigned to the contracting firm.


___________________________ ___________________________

Mr. Daniel Harper                                    Mr. John Somers

The IT sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Every firm in every industry nowadays requires some sort of software or the other to facilitate its tasks and functions. An IT software development contract is a document which formalises the arrangement between two parties, where one party contracts the other i.e. IT firm to develop software as per specifications. A sample of the IT software development contract is given below for reference.

Sample IT Software Development Contract

This document is a contract which is being framed to formalise the IT software development arrangement between Hopkins Garret Ltd. and Homer Tucker Computers Pvt. Ltd.

The contract which is being signed on the 12th of June, 2013, states that Hopkins Garret Ltd. has contracted Homer Tucker Computer Ltd. to develop software for their firm.

Details of the Contractor:

Name: Hopkins Garret Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. John Hopkins

Contact No.: 537484788

Details of the IT Developer:

Name: Homer Tucker Computers Pvt. Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. James Rocker

Contact No.: 545798686

Terms and conditions:

1. The IT development firm is required to develop software as per the exact specifications of the contracting organisation.

2. Any errors or mismatch between the software and the specification, are to be rectified by the developing firm.

3. The developing firm is responsible for installing the developed software in the systems of the contracting organisation.

4. The developing firm will be made 50% of payment on handing over of the software and 50% on completion of the installation etc.

5. The developing firm is also liable for after product services such as solving any problem that may arise in the functioning of the software, for a period of 16months post development.

6. The developers must ensure all the rules and regulations are complied with.



_______________________ ______________________

Mr. John Hopkins                        Mr. James Rocker