Independent Consultant Contract

Independent consultant contract is an agreement between an employer and an independent firm or worker that provides a certain service or goods to them. Unlike employees this contract is mainly... Read More

Deconstructing the Consulting Contract

Deconstructing the consulting contract is done when the client or agency wants to further evaluate the agreement that they will work into specifically when it comes in the consulting part.... Read More

Information Technology Consultancy Contract

Information technology consultancy contract is done when a client and an Information firm agreed upon a mutual collaboration with each other when it comes in assistance to information management and... Read More

Contract for Professional Consulting Services

Contract for professional consulting services is an agreement between a client or an agency/ person whose expertise is needed when it comes to having suggestion or opinion in a given... Read More

Consultancy Service Contract

Consultancy service contract is an agreement between a client or an agency/ person whose expertise is usually in the fields of business and human resources. Their contract is in a... Read More

Education Consulting Contract

An education consulting contract refers to a legally binding document or contract which is made in the case when an education consultant agrees to provide his/her consulting services to a... Read More

Security Consulting Contract

Business companies and other working entities need to secure their computer systems, networks and other system from unauthorized access, theft of data and other such security breaches. But this may... Read More

Consulting Engineering Services Contract

Engineering is a branch of science which is required in almost every industry and field of the world. Whether it is in factories, workshops, IT companies, construction companies or networking... Read More

Project Management Consulting Contract

Every industry and field divides its works and tasks on the basis of individual projects. To handle the administration and management of these projects, companies appoint or hire project managers... Read More

Project Management Consulting Services Contract

A contract or a legal agreement which is formed between a project management consultant and an employer who hires this consultant is known as a project management consulting services contract. ... Read More

Residential Construction Consulting Contract

Whenever a person wishes to get construction of his/her residence done, he/she may hire a construction company or contractor for their services. But in some cases, the person may also... Read More

Marketing Consulting Services Contract

A marketing consulting services contract is a type of a contract which is made between a marketing consultant and a company or employer who hires the consulting services for a... Read More

Network Consulting Contract

For all big or medium sized companies and other organizations, keeping networks running smoothly and safely is a top priority. If networks or systems are breached, then it could lead... Read More