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Independent consultant contract is an agreement between an employer and an independent firm or worker that provides a certain service or goods to them. Unlike employees this contract is mainly for the service of the independent consultant for a specific purpose, they are not under the employee’s company law, they can freely exercise their freedom to choose their methods long as the project is done and they are the only one liable to the result of the project if its achieved or not.

All the terms and conditions of the contract must be set clearly to the independent consultant to set them aside from their employees and to set the payments and social benefits that they will gain for the said agreement. This contract is contractual and only specified job is indicated for the independent client; employers are not liable for any torts or negligence that the independent consultant committed as they are not under the company of the employer unless they are the one that causes it or if the actions were ordered by the employer themselves.

Sample Independent Consultant Contract


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Deconstructing the consulting contract is done when the client or agency wants to further evaluate the agreement that they will work into specifically when it comes in the consulting part. This is usually done with a legal and professional adviser to check the validity and authenticity of the contract.

It involves further examination and breakdown of the content of the consultancy contract like any other contract involves the following parts: introduction of the contract, definition of the two parties, relationship of parties, scope of work, payment, termination, term and code ownership. Also in some cases there is a termination clause in the contract when things don’t come smoothly between the two parties.

All details and terms should be further explained and agreed to by the client and the agency to make sure that both of them are aware of their duties and responsibilities in the consultancy contract. With all of this  a final contract and signs of the two parties will seal the deal and the agreement will start will start on a specified date.

Sample Deconstructing the Consulting Contract


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Information technology consultancy contract is done when a client and an Information firm agreed upon a mutual collaboration with each other when it comes in assistance to information management and processing. The client which is usually a business or corporation asked guidance to an information technology consultancy which then gives advice and renders skills in managing their information management like computer programming, information security and avail of appropriate technology in running the business.

It can be seen in many companies and corporation that is utilizing modern technological equipment’s and professionals operating them.  The contract is set only to the fields of information and technological equipment management, so be very specific to what are the duties of the hired IT firm that will manage the companies’ information and equipment’s.

The IT firm will look for better technological strategies and machines that may help the company decide to choose from variety of program and equipment’s that will suffice for the task and have a better end result in doing various projects. The firm is not included in the companies IT department but an external source of assistance so they are working independently on the job given to them.

Sample Information Technology Consultancy Contract


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Contract for professional consulting services is an agreement between a client or an agency/ person whose expertise is needed when it comes to having suggestion or opinion in a given matter like in business, law, finance, service, engineering and other fields that require a professional advice.

This contract is done for the purpose of having an educated guidance when it comes to a person or company’s decision when it regards to a particular matter, the agency/person finds better solution or strategy to problems and to have a better allocation of resources to come up with a better output. It is short service and the contract is done when there is no longer need for the service of the agency/person.

There are many types of consultancy service especially in the fields of business, the contract tells that the agency will only direct and suggest to the client to come up with a better decision or plan but the final say will come to the client themselves.

Sample Contract for Professional Consulting Services


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Consultancy service contract is an agreement between a client or an agency/ person whose expertise is usually in the fields of business and human resources. Their contract is in a definite period of time and will only give professional advice to their client when it comes to giving them an appropriate solutions and plans to a particular business problem.

The consultancy contract specifies that the hired agency will help their clients into their business either internally or externally depending in the contents of the agreement agreed upon by the two parties; the agency will give their utmost and skilled advice as they are required to do so, they are not under the companies rules so they are independent firm working under the bridge of contract of their client. It is also important to set the terms of the contract into their client and have a fixed fee because the service will only last when the plan is already executed and an external advice is no longer needed.

Sample Consultancy Service Contract


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