Design and Construction Contract

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Construction Development Contract

Construction development is a process where in a construction project is further developed or a building or structure undergoes development through a construction service provider or company. Whenever a client... Read More

House Construction Contract Agreement

Whenever a person wants to get a house constructed, he/she may hire a construction company or contractor to do this work. In such a case, the client and the hired... Read More

Construction Service Contract

A construction service contract is a kind of a contract or agreement which is made between a construction company and a client who hires the company for a certain service... Read More

Construction Tender Contract

Whenever a construction company applies or bids for a tender and wins it, then the contract which it enters into with the government or other party is known as a... Read More

Residential Construction Agreement Contract

A residential construction agreement contract is a legal document which is made between the owner of a residential property and a construction company. In this contract, the owner of the... Read More

Construction Service Agreement Contract

A construction service agreement contract is a contract signed between a developer and the owner of the construction site. The contract permits the developer to build the site in accordance... Read More

Construction Project Management Contract

A construction project management contract includes the overall preparation, management and organization of the project from its initiation until the accomplishment. The contract is signed between the owner and the... Read More

Construction Equipment Rental Contract

A Construction equipment rental contract includes a legal deal or clause between the owner of site who plans a construction on his site and a contractor who gives the construction... Read More

Commercial Construction Subcontractor Contract

A Commercial construction subcontractor contract is an agreement arranged between a contractor of a commercial property and a sub contractor builder in order to carry out construction. This contract includes... Read More

Construction Contracts

A construction contract is a document which is signed between two parties in which the cost and other details of the construction work which decided by the parties are specified.... Read More

Construction Contract Example

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Construction Contract Format

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