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Having a topic for design and construction contract is more of a broad type. In relation to the said contract the following sub topics are important to discuss and be included:

The importance of Design and Construct is significant to be stated in the contract for it serves as a document to describe the tasks which are to be constructed. This includes proposal just a schematic outline, terms and conditions of the proposal, performance evaluation for the works when it is finish, site information and other technical details part of the work to be constructed.

In preparation for the design, this is performed usually by the design consultant. The Design Brief is not a detailed design, but this is intended to express exactly what it is that is to be designed and constructed by the contractor.

In terms of constructing, the site information including the demographic detail, engineering people who will work will state their inputs.

The advantage of a design and construct contract is, it allow the constructor to used his skills and expertise from that field into the design process. Responsibility of an individual who will be involved for designing and constructing

Sample Design and Construction Contract


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Construction development is a process where in a construction project is further developed or a building or structure undergoes development through a construction service provider or company. Whenever a client hires a construction company so as to perform construction development work, then the arrangement that is made between the two is known as a construction development contract. A construction development contract is an important document which helps the construction company to be protected as far as payment is concerned and is important for the client so that all the promised services are properly provided.

A construction development contract must be framed using a formal format and tone and should be well detailed. It will give the details of the parties as well as all the services which the construction company must provide to the client. The contract document must also give the date on which the contract will commence as well as that on which it will terminate. A construction development contract should also lay down the terms and conditions according to which the parties must act or conduct themselves.  These terms should specify who will make arrangements of the equipments, supplies, materials, man power and other such requirements.

Sample Construction Development Contract :

Construction Development Contract

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Whenever a person wants to get a house constructed, he/she may hire a construction company or contractor to do this work. In such a case, the client and the hired service provider enter into a mutually binding agreement which is known as a house construction contract agreement. A house construction contract agreement is a legally enforceable document, according to which the parties cannot violate any of the points which are mutually agreed by them at the time of signing. The contract is a good way to safeguard rights and enforce clauses in case one of the parties fails to do so.

A house construction contract agreement is a document which gives all the details of the construction work and also lists down the materials needed, equipments needed, machines required and the total workers to be employed at site. It must also talk about how and when the client will make the total construction service payment to the company. The exact amount of construction service should also be given so that the construction company is not cheated later on. All these details are often mentioned in a section which is called ‘terms and conditions’. Both the client and the construction company must sign to show their mutual consent.

Sample House Construction Contract Agreement :

House Construction Contract Agreement1

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A construction service contract is a kind of a contract or agreement which is made between a construction company and a client who hires the company for a certain service related to construction work. Such contracts are often made or drafted so as to seal the mutually discussed points or matters. These contracts help to safeguard the rights and interests of both the parties and protect them from fraud.  By nature, a construction service contract is legal in nature. This means that none of the parties are allowed to violate the contract under any circumstance or situation.

A construction service contract lays down the details of the service needed by the client. It also specifies the exact amount that the client will pay to the construction company for its services. The effective length or term of the contract must also be stated clearly along with the commencement and termination date. What really makes such contracts so useful and important is the part where the terms and conditions are given.  These terms specify the way each party is to conduct itself and also gives all those things which none is allowed to do as far as the contract remains effective.

Sample Construction Service Contract:

Construction Service Contract

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Whenever a construction company applies or bids for a tender and wins it, then the contract which it enters into with the government or other party is known as a construction tender contract. In such contracts, the titles given to the involved parties are Construction Company and client. These contracts are made with the aim of discussing and finalizing all the construction related and payment related details in a written and formal manner. The very legal nature of such a contract makes it so valued and important. A construction tender contract lays down not just the details of the parties that are involved but also of the construction work which the construction company will be doing for the client.

It is very important for any contract of this nature to have the payment terms made clear so that there is no dispute or confusion in the future course. These contracts must also consist of the roles of the parties as well as their rights and responsibilities. If any party acts against the contract, then it may have to face legal implications.  The contract must be mutually agreed upon and should be signed by representatives of the parties at the end.

Sample Construction Tender Contract:

Construction Tender Contract

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