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A healthcare confidentiality contract is one that is entered into by a healthcare unit with a patient. The contract has clauses that help to protect the confidentiality of the medical history of patients. It is mandatory for health care unit to maintain secrecy of medical information of the patient according to the confidentiality of medical information act pertaining to each state.

Sample Health Care Confidentiality Contract

This contract is entered between the healthcare unit including nursing, healthcare unit staff, housekeeping staff and all other medical volunteers and the patient on 25th march 2013 where in the healthcare unit agrees for the following:

I agreed to abide by the following clauses:-

  • I will maintain the confidentiality of all the patient records and any other information that involves medical management of the patient.
  • I shall not disclose patient information in any manner that causes any harm to the patient or the relatives of the patient in any manner.
  • I shall keep all medical history records which include papers, photos, images, videos, pathology reports and diagnostic reports of the patient in a confidential manner.
  • I shall ensure to keep computerized and electronic information of the patient confidential.
  • I shall maintain confidentiality with regard to the verbal discussion and observation about the patient.
  • I shall withhold all personal information of the patient such as social security number, telephone number, mailing address, spouse details, social security number, health insurance number etc.
  • I understand that unauthorized release of patient information to those who need not know it will make me liable for legal prosecution and disciplinary action by my employer as well.

I acknowledge to have read and understood all the clauses specified above and signify my compliance to all the clauses specified herein above. In the event of violation of any of the clauses specified above the patient has the right to take appropriate action against me.

Date:  ______________________

Signature: __________________

Name: _____________________

Department: ________________

An employee confidentiality contract is one that is entered into between the employer and employee. This contract sets out the terms of employment and in specific provides the confidentiality clause. The clause relates to the employee keeping the internal information of the organization secretive and confirming not to disclose the same to any external sources.

Sample Employee Confidentiality Contracts

Employee contract agreement number EC/17 dated 27th February 2013

This employee confidentiality contract is entered into between M/s Newark associates hereafter referred to as employer and Mr. Richard John hereafter referred to as employee.

The employee agrees to the following terms of the agreement :-

  • The employer may have exposure to some of the confidential information of the employer in the due course of working including trade secrets, license information, pricing information etc.
  • The employee hereby agrees not to disclose any part or in full the details of confidential information obtained from the organization either during employment or after one year of leaving the organization to any other third person.
  • On termination or resignation of employment the employee will return back all the manuals, manuscripts etc that divulge confidential information regarding the company to immediate supervisor.
  • In the event of the employee violating any of the confidentiality clauses agreed upon above will be liable for legal remedy by the employer at the cost of the employee.
  • There are no other promises or expressions made by the employer other than the ones specified in this confidentiality agreement including the addendum to employment attached separately along with this contract.
  • This contract falls under the jurisdiction of the courts of Dorset and shall be liable to undertake legal proceedings in the aforesaid courts of law.
  • This agreement shall be interpreted according to the labor laws governing the state of Dorset.

Company representative signature                                        Employee signature

Date                                                                                                      Date

A Non Profit Confidentiality Contract is one that is entered into by a nonprofit organization with its employees. The contract specifies that the employees are not permitted to disclose vital information about the organization to any other third party without the prior permission of the authorized person in the organization.

Sample Non Profit Confidentiality Contract

This confidentiality contract is entered into between Christchurch non-profit organization hereafter known as organization and the employees as stated below:-

The agreement has below mentioned clauses:-

  • Confidential information of the organization includes all plans, reports, financials, donors, business and compensations plans for employees.
  • Confidential information shall not include all information such as which is freely available for public, received legally from independent third party, information which is independently available.
  • Employee agrees as per this contract not to disclose any information as specified above and maintain secrecy under all circumstances.
  • The employee confirms to safeguard all the information that requires secrecy and confidentiality.
  • The employee agrees to maintain security for all the sensitive and organizational records in every possible way by not disclosing the same to any third party without prior approval of the treasurers and management of the non-profit organization.
  • The employee agrees to provide assistance to the organization in every possible way to protect vital information and notify the organization of any unauthorized use.
  • The employee also agrees to provide all assistance to ensure termination of unauthorized use of crucial information while discharging the duty as an employee.
  • The contract is governed by the law of the state of Churchill without any conflict to the laws of the state and parties shall seek remedies in any of the courts within the specified state.

In agreement to the above clauses, both the parties provide their signature below:

Signature of the person on behalf of organization: _________________

Employee Signature: _______________________________________

Confidentiality provisions in contracts are one that includes the various provisions in a confidentiality contract. The provisions relate to the elements that define the various clauses essential for the contract to be valid and effective on the parties to the contract.

Sample Confidentiality Provisions in Contracts

The confidentiality contract defines the various provisions as defined below –

  • Confidentiality means any information that is sensitive and should not be disclosed to the third party under any circumstance. All such information that brings forth any other third party to raise a claim for damages against the organization is confidential information.
  • The next provision in a confidentiality contract is related to defining the various parties to the contract that are part of the contract.
  • The next provision in confidentiality information is the classification of organizational information that can be disclosed and that cannot be disclosed to a third party. It should include the person and the parties bound by the contract and the various restrictions on disclosure need to be mentioned clearly.
  • The next provision in a confidentiality contract is related to the time frame till when the confidentiality clause is effective. The confidentiality contract must define a starting time frame and an ending time frame without fail for it to be valid and effective in the court of law.
  • The confidentiality contract should also have a provision related to the return of all confidential information that was shared in the due course. Without the provision of this clause the contract becomes invalid after termination of the contract term.
  • The confidentiality contract should necessarily include the various ways the contract will be enforced and the legal remedies available to the parties in case of any violation of the provision of the contract.
  • Lastly the confidentiality contract should have the provision of including the jurisdiction of the court where the parties to the contract can seek legal remedy.

A contract or a legally binding document which is made by and between two parties who agree to keep the terms or details of either the contract or any other entity undisclosed is known as a confidentiality policy contract. Any such contract is based upon certain clauses or terms and conditions that are mutually decided and agreed upon by the involved parties.

A confidentiality policy contract can be formed between business parties, employer and employee or any other two parties. Given below is a sample of a confidentiality policy contract that can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Confidentiality Policy Contract:

This confidentiality policy contract has been formed by and between PARTY 1 and PARTY 2.

PARTY 1 is the manufacturer of stationary items and PARTY 2 owns a stationary shop in London

Commencement date of contract: 30th May 2012

Termination date of contract: 30th Nov 2012

Effective period: 6 months

Details of PARTY 1:

Name: Pix stationary

Address: 1-90, macro polo street, London

Contact number: 43094354035

Representative name: Bill Henderson

Details of PARTY 2:

Name: Jackson Store

Official address: Q2, ground floor, Jamie Street, London

Contact number: 43897409304

Representative name: Fred Jackson

Terms and conditions of the contract are as follows

  • PARTY 1 agrees to sell stationary products to PARTY 2 at a discounted rate of 15% for orders above the value of $500.
  • PARTY 1 has a confidentiality policy about the discounts and offers and PARTY 2 is not allowed to disclose any confidential information about PARTY 1 or about the discounts that it offers to clients.
  • PARTY 2, if found to share the confidential information with another person or party shall be forced to face legal implications and the contract shall terminate.
  • Both parties must abide by the terms of this contract.


Bill Henderson

Fred Jackson