Commercial Rental Lease Contract

A commercial rental lease is a type of a lease arrangement which is made to rent out a commercial property.  When two parties agree to mutually decide on a commercial... Read More

Commercial Real Estate Lease Contract

A commercial real estate is a type of a property which is to be used only for commercial purpose. When a commercial real estate property is put on lease then... Read More

Commercial Property Lease Contract

Commercial properties are those types of properties which are used for commercial purpose like opening up of offices, opening of retail stores, setting up workshops, repair shops etc. Whenever a... Read More

Commercial Property Lease Agreement Contract

Whenever two or more parties agree to enter an arrangement for the lease of a commercial property then this arrangement is termed as a commercial property lease agreement contract in... Read More

Commercial Lease Agreement Contract

A commercial lease is a type of a lease which is made in the case when a commercial property or equipment is leased from the owner by another person or... Read More

Commercial Lawn Service Contract

A commercial lawn is that kind of a lawn which is used for commercial purpose and not for personal use. These types of lawns often need professional care and servicing... Read More

Commercial Vehicle Purchase Contract

Commercial vehicles are those types of vehicles which are used for commercial purposes such as public transportation, hotel use, airport use etc. Whenever a commercial vehicle owner decides to sell... Read More

Commercial Mortgage Contract

A Commercial Mortgage Contract is a contract which is made in order to grant a loan to a person for acquiring, refinancing or redeveloping a commercial property. This loan is... Read More

Commercial Construction Subcontractor Contract

A Commercial construction subcontractor contract is an agreement arranged between a contractor of a commercial property and a sub contractor builder in order to carry out construction. This contract includes... Read More

Texas Association of Realtors Commercial Contract

A Texas association of realtors commercial contract is a contract signed by two parties in Texas being the buyer and the seller. By entering into a contract the buyer agrees... Read More

Commercial Lawn Care Contract

A commercial lawn care contract is a formal document which is made between a lawn owner and a lawn care expert who agrees to take care of the lawn on... Read More

Commercial Design Contract

A commercial design contract is a kind of a contract which is formed when a client hires a designer for any kind of designing related services. These contracts are either... Read More

Commercial Interior Design Contract

A commercial interior design contract is a contract which is formed when a client hires an interior designer for his/her services, for a fixed period of time in return for... Read More