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Artist producer contract is defined when an artist sets into a deal with a producer and a production it company to seal the deal in managing the singer or composers music when it comes in creating its albums, managing the income and setting a record deal.

To all musicians this is required when they are in need of funds and assistance when it comes in managing their musical careers, it includes different legal terms like: grant of rights, recording session, override royalty, compensation, warranties, property rights, warranties and representation etc. in which a legal expert is needed to further explain and compose a better contract to both the artist and producer.

All of the terms and conditions must be settled by the parties involved as it includes all of the work and income that an artist may produce in his/her musical career, it must be put into consideration the overall benefit not just for the producer but also for the artist themselves.

Sample Artist Producer Contract


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For a student to get better in his field, a constant assessment of his talents and drawbacks is necessary. An academic improvement contract which is just this – a record of the student’s performance and skills and an agreement on the areas to work on for further improvement, is mandatory to be made between a student and a teacher for this purpose.

An academic improvement contract is an agreement (it’s usually not of any legal importance) between a student and a teacher regarding the targets made for the academic improvement of the student.

Here is what an academic improvement contract usually consists of:

Before you download one of the sample standard academic improvement contracts that we have got, you should know what a contract such as that is usually made up of. Here are all the components of an academic improvement contract listed out for you.

  • The details of the school, the student and the teacher are all mentioned at the very beginning of the contract.
  • The barriers for improvement are then listed out after which the steps to be taken for achieving academic improvement are mentioned.
  • The teacher and the student then sign on it indicating that they will stick to it.

Sample Academic Improvement Contract

Academic Improvement Contract


When the vehicle that we use needs to be repaired, we often worry about what could be the best place that we should give it for and how they are going to take care of our vehicle after we do give it to them. To make sure that they take care of the vehicle just like we want them to and treat it with care, an auto repair contract is made with them.

A legally binding contract that an auto repair company makes with customers who need their services is an auto repair contract.

Here is what an auto repair contract usually consists of:

Before you download one of the sample auto repair contracts that we have got, you should know what a contract such as that is usually made up of. Here are all the components of an auto repair contract listed out.

  • The details of the customer and the auto repair company are mentioned in the beginning.
  • The details of the vehicle that is to be given for repair are described.
  • The manner of the repair and the terms and conditions that are to be followed by the vehicle owner and the repair technician are then listed out, after which the signatures follow.

Sample Auto Repair Contract

Auto Repair Contract


Whenever two parties are going to start working together on a contract, they have a written agreement between them that states all the conditions of both the parties and such a contract is called as the contract of agreement between two parties.

Whether the parties are operating under a buyer and seller relationship or a service provider and a client relationship, a legal agreement contract is mandatory such that the duo get a clarity on the tasks assigned to each other and in the case of any misunderstandings that might arise in the future.

A contract of such kind usually has all the tasks or the conditions listed out along with all the details of the parties involved in the agreement. An ‘effective period’ is set for the two parties to abide by the contract and they duo are expected to stick to all the rules of the agreement through the effective period.

The parties are also required to state the ‘terms and conditions’ that are applicable for the contract to avoid any hassles in the future as they work together. Both the parties sign the agreements if they agree to the terms in it and each hold a copy of the contract through the ‘effective period’.

Sample Contract of Agreement between Two Parties

Contract of Agreement between Two Parties


A Business Consultancy Services contract is a contract which is signed between a consultant or consultancy firm and a person or a company who is requires services of thatconsultant or that firm.

A business consultant or the firm generally provides information and support to the other party that will help them run their business smoothly in today’s competitive scenario or provides information related to the future strategies of the company. Generally, the task taken is being executed in the form of a project. Consultants could also be hired to install some hardware or software and imparting training to the employees regarding that hardware or software.

The contract generally includes information regarding the services being offered by the consultant/firm to the person/company engaging the former, the time period within which the task has to be accomplished, payment terms and conditions (that includes total payment for rendering the services, payment mode, terms and conditions, breakage of the payment, any reimbursements if applicable, etc.), division of the entire project into various smaller tasks that could be used to keep a tab on the progress of the project, termination clauses, etc. It abides both the parties to follow the terms and conditions being agreed on before the commencement of the contract.

Sample Business Consultancy Services Contract:

Business Consultancy Services Contract

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