Artist Producer Contract

Artist producer contract is defined when an artist sets into a deal with a producer and a production it company to seal the deal in managing the singer or composers... Read More

Academic Improvement Contract

For a student to get better in his field, a constant assessment of his talents and drawbacks is necessary. An academic improvement contract which is just this – a record... Read More

Auto Repair Contract

When the vehicle that we use needs to be repaired, we often worry about what could be the best place that we should give it for and how they are... Read More

Contract of Agreement Between Two Parties

Whenever two parties are going to start working together on a contract, they have a written agreement between them that states all the conditions of both the parties and such... Read More

Business Consultancy Services Contract

A Business Consultancy Services contract is a contract which is signed between a consultant or consultancy firm and a person or a company who is requires services of thatconsultant or... Read More

Business Partnership Investment Contract

A business partnership investment contract is a kind of a contract which is made between two or more than two business partners in order to set forth the details of... Read More

Sale of Business Equipment Contract

Business equipments are referred to be those types of equipments which are owned by for certain types of commercial or business purposes. When businesses purchase business equipments from retailers, manufacturers... Read More

Real Estate Referral Agreement Contract

A Real estate referral agreement contract is an agreement made between the real estate company and a realtor who refers the buyers to the company. The legal document states all... Read More

Business Development Representative Contract

A contract which is formed between a business development representative and a business organisation is known as a business development representative contract. Such a contract lays down the terms and... Read More

Business Broker Contract

A business broker contract is a kind of a formal agreement which is made between a business broker or brokerage firm and a business company. In such a contract, the... Read More

Business Termination Contract

When a business is terminated by the owners, a contract is to be made which is a legal certification of the action. On the termination of the business, decisions such... Read More

Business Purchase Contract

Business purchase contract refers to the legal document which is framed when an individual or an entity purchases a new business venture. The contract official records the business purchase, where... Read More

Business Consultant Contract

A business consultant contract is a contract made between two parties one of whom is a consulting entity providing consulting services to the other party. Hiring consultants is a regular... Read More