A car rental contract is an official document between the car owner which may be an individual or an agency and the person who wish to rent the car. This type of contract mentions the details regarding the car and the rental terms.

Sample Car Rental Contract:

Car rental contract number: 23/ CR

Registration date: November 25th, 2010

This car rental contract created between

Fast Speed Car Traveller Agency

Address: 56/ J, Office number 8, Salt Lake Street, Toronto, Canada

Phone: 6958 737 6786

Hereinafter referred as the Car Owner


Mr. Tom Atkinson

Permanent address:  12/ j, Wind- P, Southwest Apartments, Down Street, Torte, Canada.

Phone: 8960 473 3729

Hereinafter referred the renter of the car

Whereas the renter is willing to rent a car and the car owner is agreed to rent his car no. HJK 675 Ford Make, Model Endeavour with a license number: TK 6879.

This car rental contract is commencing from November 30th, 2010 and is terminating on April 25th, 2011.

Underneath mentioned are the covenants and conditions to execute this contract:

  • Car owner Obligations:

The car owner is agreed to provide all emergency repairing tools, first aid kit and license to the tenant and is ready to receive $ 670 per month as a car rent.

  • Tenant Duties:

The renter will make the payment on 7th of every month to the bank account of the car owner. If any damage takes place during this contract, the renter will repair it.

  • Renewal & Termination clause:

If the conduct of both the parties found correct, this contract can be renewed. In case of any violation to the above mentioned terms, this car rental contract will be treated as terminated.

Both the parties are requested to sign and accept the Car Rental Contract:

Singed by the car owner:

Larry Spencer

Signature of the tenant:

Tom Atkinson

Signature of the witness: