A car rental agreement contract is a legally binding document which is drafted in the case when a party rents a car to another party and the details of this deal are recorded. Any car rental agreement contract is a document by the means of which the parties safeguard their interest by recording the covenants on paper so that it can act as a proof against any violation in the future.

Such contracts consist of certain terms and conditions which have to be followed by the parties for the length of the contract period. A sample of a car rental agreement contract has been provided below for reference purpose.

Sample Car Rental Agreement Contract

This car rental agreement contract has been made by and between the OWNER and the USER, details of whom are given as follows:

Owner Details:

Name of the owner: Henry Mathews

Residential address: A-89, first floor, Hamilton Tower, London

Contact number: 473099505

User Details:

Name of the user: Fred Timothy

Residential address: S-45, second floor, Henry street, London

Contact number: 409349045

Details of the Car to be Rented:

Name of the car: Chevrolet Beat

Model number: G-AC

Colour of the car: Black

Effective date of the contract: 12th June, 2012

Termination date of contract: 12th June 2013

Terms and Conditions:

  • The OWNER of the car has agreed to rent the car to the USER for a period of 12 months.
  • The USER agrees to pay an amount of $300 per month so as to rent the car from the OWNER.
  • The USER cannot drive the car outside London without the permission of the OWNER.
  • The USER has to pay for the gas on his own.
  • The USER is responsible for the repair, servicing and maintenance of the car.


Henry Mathews

Fred Timothy