A bill of sale contract is a legal document which is drafted when a particular product or asset is sold by one individual or organization to another individual or organization. These types of contracts records all the details of the sale made including the details of the parties involved.

Sample Bill Of Sale Contract

Bill of Sale Contract number: BS 23

Contract effective date: 12th of August 2011

This bill of sale contract has been drafted and entered into between Roger Bin referred to as the seller residing at 73 North Side Road, New York, New Jersey 4523 and Henry Lee referred to as the buyer residing at 54 Clean Street, New York, New Jersey 4567.

As per the contract, the seller has agreed to sell the automobile owned by him to the buyer.

Details of the automobile:

Car type: Ferrari

Car color: Red

Date of manufacture: 12th of May 2008

Car model number: F300

Registration number:  NY 3423

As per the contract:

  1. The ownership of the car will be transferred to the buyer after the complete payment by the buyer.
  2. The buyer has to pay $30000 as the price of the car. He has to pay fifty percent of the amount in advance and the rest after the car is delivered.
  3. The seller has to ensure that all the outstanding amounts like car tax and insurance premium have been cleared.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions both the parties provide their signature below.

Signature of the buyer:                                                                                 Signature of the seller:

Roger Bin                                                                                                               Henry Lee