An Aul vehicle service contract refers to those contracts which are drafted by the vehicle service providing firm AUL, whenever they sign a client. The firm provides various services such as towing, flat tire changes, emergency fuel delivery etc. The contract records all the terms of the services being provided and the details of the involved parties. A sample of the document is given below.

Sample Aul Vehicle Service Contract

This contract has been prepared to be signed between the AUL Administrators and Mr. Harrison Walker as on the 15th day of May, year 2012.

The contract states that Mr. Walker, the client/ buyer, has hired Aul Administrators for the task of maintaining and repairing his vehicle.

Details of the Service Provider:

Business Name: Aul Administrators

Authorized Personnel: Mr. John Lampson

Contact No.: 765-898-645

Details of Buyer:

Name: Mr. Harrison Walker

Contact No.: 467-589-790

Correspondence Address: 467, 2nd Street, Manhattan, North, New York, USA.

Details of the Vehicle:

Vehicle type: Sedan/ Four Wheeler.

Manufacturers/ model: Ford Focus

Color: Silver

Plate No.: NY-7990

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The contract covers the maintenance of following parts: the engine group i.e. all internally lubricated parts, all rotors, shafts, bearings; seals and gaskets; transmission, transaxle, and transfer case i.e. all internally lubricated parts like torque converter, case housings etc.; drive axle group (front or rear); turbocharger/ supercharger.
  2. Additional services namely towing, flat tire change, battery jump, key lockout are also included.
  3. The contract holder/ client are required to call respective area manager to get the services.


_______________________________ (Mr. John Lampson)

_______________________________ (Mr. Harrison Walker)