An airplane training contract is a written document which is framed when an aviation training centre agrees to provide airplane training to an individual in return for a certain amount of money. These contracts are based upon the mutual agreement of the parties to certain legally binding terms and conditions. Any party which violates these terms and conditions can be held legally chargeable. Given below is a sample of an airplane training contract.

Sample Airplane Training Contract:

Training contract Number: 3-re/M

Effective date of training commencement: 19th Feb

Lengths of training contract: 12 months

This airplane training contract has been made by and between the parties with the following specifications:


Name: Mr. Lewis Hamilton

Phone number: 473094703404

Training institute address: 34-h, gill centre for training, London



Name: Mr. Greg Brown

Phone number: 47304793404

Residential address: R-89, first floor, Mountbatten road, London


The TRAINER shall be responsible for providing certificate training to the TRAINEE for 12 months.

Timings: 8 am to 3 pm

Days of training: Monday to Friday

The TRAINER shall carry out threefold training procedure to the TRAINEE as specified in the brochure.

Following mentioned are the Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  • The trainer and trainee must be present on all days of the training without fail.
  • The trainer must ensure that the aircrafts are in proper working condition during practical training lessons.
  • The trainee must make a payment of $2000 within the first week of the training.

Signatures of the parties:

Lewis Hamilton                                   Greg Brown