A wedding is a formal arrangement where two people who have decided to get married invite all the friends and family to share the experience. There are thus a lot of arrangements to be done for a wedding to take place. The arrangements such as the catering of food, the venue etc. requires signing of a contract between the wedding representatives and the entities providing a certain service. These varied wedding contracts may be collectively referred to as wedding contracts.

There are a variety of contracts which may be included in the head of wedding contracts. A few types of contracts are listed here:

  • A Wedding Catering Contract: This refers to a contract which wedding representative signs with a catering service or catering agency. The contract specifies the details of the order such as the menu, the delivery time etc.
  • A Wedding Photography Contract: This sort of a contract refers to the kind which is signed between wedding representative and a photographer/ a photographing agency. The contract includes the details such as the photo resolution, photo size, the coverage area etc.
  • A Wedding Venue Contract: This refers to a contract which the wedding representative signs with the entity that owns the venue/ property at which the wedding is to take place. The wedding venue contract specifies the details of the venue, the payments in this regard etc.
  • Wedding Planner Contract: This refers to a contract which the wedding organizers sign with the wedding planner/ wedding planning agency, which is assigned the task of managing the wedding arrangements.

All of the contracts signed are legally binding arrangements. Each contract consists in it a set of terms and conditions which must be followed by all the parties that are involved in the formation of the contract. The contract thus certifies the arrangement that has been made by the parties.

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