A training contract is a legally enforced paperwork which is signed between a training provider and a trainee. Generally, such agreements are formulated elucidating multifaceted lineaments related to a training program and it also defines the length of time till which the contract will remain valid. Hence, a training contract which would sync with everyone’s need is always of utmost importance. Despite of the kind of tenets that is to be incorporated, a training contract has to be framed abiding by the following points.

  • Be it a training contract between student and training institute or employer and employee, one has to explicate the agreed verbal terms within the document and should ensure to delineate those in support of the prescribed laws.
  • Essentially, before presenting the document one should confirm that the names of both the parties are rightly mentioned and correctly spelled. It should also highlight the responsibilities of both the parties separately and in details.
  • Arrange each of the section defining various aspects of the training contract sequentially so that it does not create a scope of misinterpretation.
  • Refrain from making the document creative with words as clarity and specificity is much more essential while drafting an agreement document. Moreover, one must ensure that a relevant document is presented instead of paperwork with reflective thoughts.
  • Specify the penalties which any of the parties have to face on violation of the prescribed legal terms. This is an important section which any of the party can refer to in case of any future discrepancies caused by the other party involved.
  • Most importantly, the agreement should include a separate section for authorization. Both the parties and the legal attorney should put their signature in order to acknowledge the lineaments within the contract as rational and legally binding.


Contract Agreements

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