A maintenance contract is a formal contract between two parties where one party hires the other party as contractor to provide a periodic maintenance service to buildings, equipment or any other asset. This contract is a simple agreement which binds together both the parties entering into a maintenance agreement with clauses pertaining to the maintenance like which would be the key areas that will be covered in the maintenance and to what level the services will be provided. Following points should be considered while designing a maintenance contract:

Points to be kept in mind while preparing a maintenance contract:

  • To enter in the maintenance contract, the schedule for periodic visits for the preventive maintenance should be fixed and specifications for emergency maintenance calls should also be finalised.
  • The property or product to be maintained should be categorised into specific details so that in case of discrepancy, the maintenance contract can provide the exact information on the type of property or product taken for maintenance and level to which preventive & repair services will be provided.
  • The contractor involved in the contract with his/her names, addresses, and contact numbers should be mentioned in the maintenance contract.
  • The terms of ending the maintenance agreement should also be made part of the maintenance contract.
  • The lucid purpose of repair calls that services should be given in order to correct the malfunction of the equipment or property should be mentioned with clear specifications.
  • If there are any witnesses in the event of negotiating and signing the maintenance contract then their details should also be a part of the agreement.
  • All the equipment and accessories which come under the scope of this maintenance contract should be listed in the contract, along with warranty if offered, on the repaired equipment.
  • All the repairing facility like space, power source should be provided by customer other than the repairing tools.

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