A wedding website contract is a contract which is formed between a website developer and a person who wishes to get a wedding website made for him. Such contracts are legal in nature and the terms and conditions of the contract are legally enforceable in nature.

Sample wedding website contract

This contract has been made effective on 23rd July 2011 and made by and between Mr. George Greggory and Tim website developers which is owned by Tim Brook. Mr. George Greggory is herein referred to as the licensee and Mr. Tim Brook is herein referred to as the licensor.

Details of Licensor:

Address: 45-P, second floor, Lewis road, London

Contact number: 4830480358544

Details of licensee:

Address: 56-B, third floor, Mark square, Canada

Contact number: 4739049734333

The licensor agrees to make a fully functional website for the purpose of wedding coverage and pictures for the licensee. This wedding website will cover all events and attached pictures and videos of the wedding along with important details.

Duration of contract: till the website work is complete, approximately 1 month

Total payment: $10000

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • No information on the website can be out without consent of the wedding couple.
  • The payment must be done at the end of the contract term.
  • The website developers may get in touch with family members to get information about the wedding and the couple who is getting married.

The following are the signatures of the involved parties:

George Greggory

Tim Brook

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