A wedding video contract is a written commitment produced between the couple getting married and a videographer for engaging services for the wedding day video shoot.

Sample Wedding Video Contract:

This wedding video contract is prepared between Laura Video creations, hereinafter referred as the videographer, located at: 34/ L, Office No: 6, Skywalk Building, Salt Lake City, Toronto, Canada


Mr. Tim Hudson & Lilly Watson, hereinafter known as “the couple”,

Groom Address: House No: 3, Stella Road, Spencer’s Society, Toronto, Canada

Bride Address: House No: 8, Bakers Street, Sunrise Society, Toronto, Canada

Whereas, the couple is interested to hire the full video package services of the videographer for their wedding day, and the videographer is agreed for the work.

Wedding details:

Date: October 3rd, 2010

Time; 10:00am

Wedding location:

New life Church, Rainbow Road, Atkinson Colony, Toronto, Canada

This contract is valid till October 4th, 2010.

For this contract, underneath mentioned are the term & conditions:

Obligations & duties:

The couple will pay the amount on committed time and the videographer will cover the full wedding including rehearsal dinner.

Payment terms:

The videographer has received $ 4560 in advance, whereas $ 2000 will be paid on October 4th, 2010.

Cancellation clause:

In case of cancellation of this contract due to any reason, the videographer will refund the full payment, if he is guilty, otherwise the couple will lose the advance money.

The videographer & the couple will acknowledge the wedding video contract:

Signature of the Videographer:

John Paterson

Signature of the Couple:

Tim Hudson

Lily Watson

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