A wedding venue contract is a legal document that acts as an agreement or security measure to ensure honesty and liability on the parts of both the parties involved. This document lays down the terms and conditions and the contact details of the involved parties.

Sample wedding venue contract:

Effective date of contract: 25’Th Jan, 2011

Wedding date: 17’Th March, 2011

Address of venue: 23-K, Celebrations Hall No 6, London

Time duration of the wedding function: from 4 PM to 12 PM.

Theme of the Wedding according to which the venue has to be decorated is: Red and golden.

This contract is made between the following two parties:


Name: Mr. Symonds Law

Residential Address: 34-R, street end lane, London



Name: Mr. Rocky Fred

Official address: 5-P, Lawns down street, London

The following are the various terms and conditions based on which the parties have entered the contract:

  • The VENDOR agree to provide the VENUE to the CLIENT on the given date and time.
  • The VENDOR must arrange and maintain the VENUE well in advance before the time of the occasion.
  • The CLIENT promises to make a payment of $300 to the VENDOR 12 days in advance and the rest $1000 after the occasion.
  • The areas such as lighting, carpeting, decoration, furniture and cutlery must come in the points of responsibility of the VENDOR.
  • The VENDOR must inform the CLIENT about any last minute preparation delays so that necessary steps can be taken.


Symonds Law                        Rocky Fred

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