A wedding vendor contract is a legal document that is made between CLIENT and the VENDOR. This document lays down the detailed terms and conditions which are signed after reading the contract by both the parties. This document can lead to actions taken against the party which violates the terms.

Sample wedding vendor contract

This agreement is made effective from: 30th of Jan, 2011

This agreement is made between two parties which are referred to as VENDOR and the CLIENT.

Details of VENDOR

Mr. Mathew Johnson is herein referred to as the VENDOR and agrees to complete the task of catering assigned by the CLIENT who wishes to organise a wedding dinner party.

Phone: 473894793450

Details of CLIENT

Mr. Mark Law is herein referred to as the CLIENT and owns ABC caterers in London.

Phone: 468934738959

Wedding date: 1’St March

Cuisines to be prepare: Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Lebanese

Time of function: 6pm-12pm

The total amount to be paid by CLIENT to VENDOR is: $1000

Venue Address: 2-C, Edge Street, Hanne Halls, London

The following are the terms and conditions to be followed by both parties:

  • The VENDOR is supposed to prepare food of finest quality and of the standards that are approved by the health department.
  • The CLIENT agrees to make an advance payment of half the amount 7 days before starting the work.
  • The VENDOR shall be present at the venue 2 hours in advance for preparation work.
  • All the raw materials have to be arranged by the VENDOR.


Mathew Johnson            Mark Law

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