A wedding reception contract is a written document that comprises of all those terms and conditions which are agreed upon by both the involved parties known as the CLIENT and the VENDOR. The violation of the points of this contract can lead to legal implications.

Sampler wedding reception contract

Contract number: 347#FR.

This contract is made effective on the date: 10’Th Feb.2011.

This agreement is made between the CLIENT and the VENDOR.

Details of the CLIENT

Name: Mr. James Richards

Address: 23-K, Lane no. 2, CA

Phone: 47389473895

Details of the VENDOR

Name: Mr. Bill Lanel

Official Address: Y-P, Building 2, CA

Phone: 473094830248

Payment details:

The total amount agreed upon: $1000

Advance amount: $300 to be paid two weeks before the reception date

Left amount to be paid 2 days after reception program

Reception date: 15’Th Feb, 2011

Time: 6PM to 12PM

The contract is made to deliver the following things:

  1. Chairs, tables, lights, fans
  2. Cutlery, decoration material and items used for the stage.

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The CLIENT agrees to pay the amount on time and the exact amount promised must be paid.
  • The VENDOR agrees to take care and responsibility of all the equipments and items needed on the reception program.
  • The VENDOR must use products of fine quality and standards.
  • The CLIENT must take care of the extra expenses that are due on the VENDOR which can include last minute arrangements such as extra chairs, tables etc…

Signatures of the parties:

James Richards              Bill Lanel

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