A wedding photography contract is a legal agreement between a wedding photographer and the person who hires the photographer. The hirer can be the bride, groom, a relative of either the bride or the groom or an event manager who has been hired to conduct the said wedding.

A wedding photography contract usually specifies all the details of the photographer, the person who’s hired the photographer and the wedding along with all the services that the photographer is to expected to fulfil as per the requirements of the hirer. It also includes the details of the payment that the hirer is supposed to be paying to the wedding photographer for the services that he has rendered.

Along with that, there is also a section ‘terms and conditions’ that lists out all the rules that are to be abided by the photographer as well as the hirer. It includes the behaviour of the guests who attend the wedding as well, as it plays a crucial part in the photographer fulfilling his services. It is important for a wedding photographer as well as the hirer to get a written contract of this kind so that the photography services can be rendered uninterrupted.

Sample Wedding Photography Contract



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