A wedding photographer contract is a contract which is signed between a photographer/ photography agency and a representative of a certain wedding. A contract of this sort is prepared when a photographer is hired to manage the tasks of video recording and photographing a certain wedding. A sample of such a contract has been provided below.

Sample Wedding Photographer Contract

The contract prepared here is being signed between the following parties- Mr. James Harper and Mr. Penn Carter.

The contract states that Mr. James Harper who is representing the Cooper wedding has been given the contract to manage the photography of the wedding to Mr. Penn Carter. The servicer required is to take the photographs of the wedding and the rehearsal dinner as per the specifications mentioned in the terms of contract.

Details of the Wedding Representative:

Signatory personnel: Mr. James Harper

Contact No.: 239-19-203

Official Address: Plot No.-55, Victoria Lane, New York, USA.

Details of the Photographer:

Name: Mr. Jack Geller

Contact No.: 239-94-293

Official Address: 4th Avenue, Victoria Square, Johannesburg, USA.

Details/ Terms of the Contract:

  1. 1. The coverage area is the wedding space on the date1st March 2012, the rehearsal dinner on the date 28th February 2012.
  2. 2. The photographs resolution is 2048*3075, the photo size will depend should be as per requirements of the album pattern selected.
  3. 3. The photographs shall be delivered within 10 days from the wedding day. Two separate albums shall be prepared for the different events being covered.
  4. 4. The partial payment has been made in advance; rest shall be paid on delivery of the photographs.


_____________________________ (Mr. James Harper)

_____________________________ (Mr. Jack Geller)

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