A Wedding party contract is a contract between the wedding party organizers and the bride and the groom. The wedding party organizers accept to provide service of planning the wedding in accordance with the contract entered into between the parties. The contract includes some important details like payment terms, services inclusions and exclusions, venue details etc. A sample wedding party contract is provided below for better understanding.

Sample Wedding Party Contract:

This wedding party contract is entered between Mr. Ben Jonathan being the groom and The Millers event management Company. The later has accepted to render the service of organizing former’s wedding event.

Contract is signed on 14th February 2009.

Details of the Client:

Name : Ben Jonathan

Address : 15 Bayswater Road

London, W2 4RT

Tel: 00 44 (0) 200 222 1212

Details of the wedding party organizers:

Official name : The Millers event Management Company.

Name : David Miller

Address : Bloomsbury Park

Southampton Row, London, WC1B

Tel: 00 44(0) 277 433 0444

Date of the wedding: 15th April 2009

Location : Coram Street

London, WC1 1HT

Payment terms:

  • The payment shall be made in two equal parts. Payment of first part should be done a month before the wedding date, and the second part at the end of the wedding.

Services Provided:

  • The lists of services provided are as per the signed invoice. Further changes shall be made with additional cost.
  • The wedding interiors like theme colour, style shall be done in accordance to the invoice made; changes shall come with additional cost.


  • Initial consultation with wedding professionals will be provided at free of cost. That includes suggestions and guidance on each category that fit your event style and budget, for making final selections further consultations will be charged.


The contract shall be cancelled on occurrence of natural disasters and any unexpected accidents.

Signature of the Client:


Signature of the Party organiser:


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