A wedding musician contract refers to those contracts which are prepared when a certain musician or band is being booked for a wedding. Such contracts record all the relevant details such as the wedding date, venue, the timing, the details of the musicians/ band, the details of the bride and groom. Given below is a sample of a wedding musician contract which follows the required pattern.

Sample Wedding Musician Contract

Date of signing the contract: 25th May 2012

This contract is being prepared to be entered between Mr. James Hudson and The Fallout Musicians Pvt. Ltd., as on the date of signing given above.

The contract states that Mr. James has hired The Fallout Musicians Pvt. Ltd. to play at his wedding. All the required details of the wedding are given.

Details of Groom:

Name: Mr. James Hudson

Contact No: 768-576-987

Correspondence Address: House 39, 2nd Street, Kansas, USA.

Details of Musicians:

Business Name: The Fallout Musicians Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized personnel: Mr. Harold Butler

Position: Manager

Contact No: 764-856-957

Details of the wedding:

Date: 29th July 2012

Venue: 904, Shalom Lawns, Kansas, USA.

Time of the ceremony: 5:00 p.m.

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The jazz band at the music firm has been contracted to play at the wedding.
  2. The bride and groom have provided the musicians with a list of favorites which are to be prepared.
  3. The musicians must also be ready to take some requests from the guests.
  4. The band will be provided with a separate place to set up their equipment, near the floor.
  5. A 75% of the payment has been made; rest will be made after the ceremony.


_______________________________ [Mr. James Hudson]

_______________________________ [Mr. Harold Butler]

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