A wedding jewellery contract is a written legal contract which is signed between a jewellery shop and a client who wants to use some jewellery pieces for the purpose of wedding on contract basis. Such contracts contain terms and conditions which have to be followed by both parties so as to avoid any legal implications.

Sample wedding jewellery contract

This contract has been brought into effect as on 1st August 2011 and shall remain into effect till 26th August 2011 which is the date of the wedding.

This contract has been made by and between two parties with the following details:


Name: Rachel West

Address: KL-90, first floor, 2’nd block, Nathan Street, LA

Contact number: 473094309545


Name: Fred Nicholson

Address: 45-o, west square block, LA

Contact number: 47389479355

Fred Nicholson owns wedding jewellery leasing business.

Details of jewellery:

Number of pieces: 4 which include 1 pair of diamond earrings, a necklace and a bracelet for the bride.

Total rental cost of wedding jewellery: $5000

Terms and conditions:

  • The jewellery shall be handed over to the CLIENT two days before wedding date and must be returned two days after the wedding in the same condition as it was handed over.
  • The jewellery must be used only for the purpose of the wedding and only by the client.
  • The CLIENT must pay the amount of jewellery on the day when he/she obtains the jewellery.
  • The JEWELLERY PROVIDER must make sure that the jewellery reaches the CLIENT on time and as decided amongst the two parties.

Signatures of the parties are given below:

Rachel West

Fred Nicholson

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