A wedding invitation contract is a contract which is formed between a client and a invitation card maker so as to lay down the terms based on which the client uses the services of the invitation card maker. These contracts consist of the details of the parties, the covenants and promises, the details of the wedding invitation card and the signatures of the parties.

Any wedding invitation contract is a legally enforceable document, violation of which could result in legal implications for the violating party. The following is a sample of a wedding invitation contract which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Wedding Invitation Contract

This wedding invitation contract has been formed on 5th August 2013 and shall remain in effect for 3 months from the effective date.

This contract has been formed between the CLIENT and the SERVICE PROVIDER. The CLIENT has hired the SERVICE PROVIDER to print wedding invitation cards.

Details of the Client:

Name: Frank Markson

Residential address: A-90, red street, New York

Mobile phone number: 49407325983

Details of the Service Provider:

Name: Timothy Black

Official address: W/56, T square road, New York

Mobile phone number: 4703570505

Details of the Wedding Invitation Card:

Number of cards: 100

Theme: Royal wedding theme

Price per card: $5

Total cost: $500

Terms and Conditions:

  • The CLIENT agrees to use the services of the SERVICE PROVIDER.
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER must make and deliver 100 cards on the residential address of the CLIENT within the effective period of the contract.
  • The CLIENT must make the entire payment on the date of delivery of the cards.
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER must include all the details as given by the CLIENT in the sample card.
  • The CLIENT holds the right to reject the cards in case of any major mistake or error.


Frank Markson

Timothy Black

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