A wedding flower contract is an official commitment between the wedding flower supplier company and the couple to supply the fresh flowers inclusive of artificial bouquets for the wedding ceremony.

Sample Wedding Flower Contract:

Effective Date: November 22nd, 2010

This wedding flower contract is made and entered between Maria wedding flower Suppliers, hereinafter referred as the wedding florist, located at: 23/ L, Sean Road, Toronto, Canada


Sheena & David Paterson, herein after referred as the couple, residing at: 45/ L, Wing- H, South-eastern Apartments, Toronto, Canada

Hereby, the couple is willing to hire the wedding florist for supplying the requested amount of fresh flowers along with Satin made artificial flower bouquets. The wedding florist is agreed to provide the services on wedding day for which the details are as under:

Wedding Date: October 2nd, 2010

Time: 10:00 am

Address: New Age Church, Cathedral Road, Near Bakers Street, Toronto, Canada

The wedding florist will supply the demanded flower quantity in a day advance of the wedding.

The contract is effective till October 3rd, 2010.

Underneath mentioned are the term & conditions:

Obligations & duties:

The couple will support the wedding florist, whereas the wedding florist will follow his promise.

Payment Terms:

The couple has paid 45% of the total amount in advance to the wedding florist, whereas the rest amount will be paid October 3rd, 2010 as cash.


The contract can get cancelled if the couple is no more willing to use the services of a wedding florist and the wedding florist is unable to fulfil the commitment. In first case, the couple has to make 15% amount as the allowance and in second case, the full payment will be refunded to the couple.

Hereby, both parties will accept the contract:

Signature of the florist:

Maria Smith

Signature of the couple:


David Paterson

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