A wedding event contract is a written document which is framed when a party or person hires a person to design and manage the event of wedding for him. Such contracts consist of terms and conditions which are to be abided by both the involved parties.

Sample wedding event contract

This contract has been made effective on 24th July 2011 and is drafted on 20th July 2011

This contract has been made and signed between

Mr. Neil West who is hereby referred to as the EVENT MANAGER and belongs to the event management company named as West event management.


Mr. Austin Jobs who is hereby referred to as the EVENT ORGANISOR and resides at 45-P, Pauling street, West London

Contact number of EVENT MANAGER: 47309540959

Contact number of EVENT ORGANISOR: 47370540540

This event will take place at 67-G, harry’s halls, London

The following are the responsibilities of the EVENT MANAGER:

  • Planning of the theme of the wedding by consulting the EVENT ORGANISORS.
  • Managing the arrangement of flowers, chairs, seats, sofas and food counters.
  • Decoration of the hall and the hall passage.

The total amount to be paid: $40000

Terms and conditions:


This contract will terminate on 7th August, 2011 which is the date of the wedding.

  • The wedding event must go in accordance to the specifications of the event organisers.
  • The event managers must be paid the amount before the termination of contract as and when required.

Both he parties hereby validate the contract as follows:

Neil West

Austin Jobs

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