A wedding DJ contract is a legal document signed between the CLIENT and the DJ VENDOR. This document contains all the information about parties as well as the terms and conditions based on which the agreement is signed.

Sample wedding DJ contract

This contract is made effective on the date:  25’Th Jan, 2011

This agreement is made between two parties with the following details:

  • Client Name: Mr. Fred Yen. The party which has hired the DJ Company is hereby referred to as the CLIENT. The CLIENT resides at 23-J, First floor, GB road, CA.
  • Vendor Name: Mark DJ services. The DJ Company hired for the wedding is hereby referred to as the VENDOR. The VENDOR has the official address R-9, Pertinson Complex, CA.

The date of the wedding on which the DJ shall be used is: 12’Th Feb, 2011.

Time of DJ usage: 6PM-12PM.

The following are the certain terms and conditions based on which the contract is signed:

  • The CLIENT agrees to pay the VENDOR an amount of $300 for the services rendered on the wedding date. An amount of $100 shall be paid 2 week in advance and the rest after the wedding function.
  • The VENDOR agrees to come prepared with all the equipments required on the occasion well before time to set things in order.
  • The VENDOR realises that in case of absence from the occasion, he shall be held responsible for misconduct under the contract code 45#RT.
  • The CLIENT shall be held punishable in case of late payment or no payment.


Fred Yen               Mark Fredrick

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