Wedding contracts can be of two types which include the contract between the couple and the contract between the couple and the third party. The contract between the couple can be entered in case of prenuptial contract, divorce contract and so on. On the other hand, a couple entering into a contract with a third party can do so to do a creative planning and arrangements for the wedding day. The duration of such a contract is actually short.

Wedding contract types: Vendor wedding contract, registration wedding contract, prenuptial wedding contract and others. Vendor wedding contract includes the contact information of both the parties, services to be provided and payment clauses, whereas in the registration wedding contract, the Couple has to give their wedding date, legally registered name and other details.

Wedding Photography Contract Template

Simple Wedding Photography Contract Template

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Wedding Planner Contract Template

Wedding Planner Contract Templat

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Photography Contract Template

Photography Contract Template

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Videography Contract Template

Videography Contract Template

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Catering Contract Template

Sample Catering Contract Template

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Editable DJ Contract Template

Editable DJ Contract Template

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A wedding contract must consist of the following factors:

(a)Wedding contract Number and the date on which this document is specified.

(b)Date of commencing and terminating the vendor wedding contract.

(c) Date of the wedding for both the contracts.

(d)Authenticated name, address and phone number of the vendor and the couple, where as in a wedding contract between the couple only the couple’s name and address details are required.

(e)In vendor wedding contract the terms & conditions are mentioned, which cover payment terms, services required and termination of the contract.

(f)  Signature of the vendor organization and the couple, whereas in a wedding contract between the couple the couple and the solicitor has do the signature on the document.

Wedding Planner Contract Template

Wedding Planner Contract Template

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Wedding Photography Contract Template

Wedding Photography Contract Template

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