A wedding contract format refers to a document which provides the format or the outline of a wedding contract. A wedding contract refers to a wide variety of agreements wherein the involved parties agree to provide (or receive) certain services. A sample of a wedding contract format has been provided below where the contract refers to agreement between wedding representatives and the catering service.

Sample Wedding Contract Format

Date of signing the contract: ___/ ___/ ____ [dd/mm/yy]

This contract has been prepared by and being signed between ___________ and _____________________ [mention the names (official names) of the parties involved in making of the contract].

[Use this space to give the details the deal which is being certified by the way of the contract. Specify the services which have been required by one or both the parties and detail a little on the terms].

Details of Wedding Representatives:

Name: ______________ [name of the individual signing the contract as the representative of the wedding organizers.]

Contact No: ______________ [contact no. of the personnel]

Details of Caterers:

Business Name: _________________ [name of the catering business]

Authorized personnel: _______________ [name of the authorized personnel]

Position: ____________________ [position of the personnel in the company]

Contact No: ________________ [contact number of business/ personnel]

Details of the wedding:

Date: ______________ [wedding date]

Venue: _______________ [wedding venue]

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

[Use this space to specify the terms of the arrangement between the caterers and the wedding representatives.]


_______________________________ [Signature of the wedding representatives]

_______________________________ [Signature of the authorized personnel of catering agency]

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