A wedding contract example is an example of a regular wedding contract which is framed to be signed when two parties enter an arrangement related to a wedding. The arrangements referred to are the types where one of the parties is a wedding representative and other a certain service provider. A sample wedding contract example is given below for your reference.

Sample Wedding Contract Example

This contract is being prepared to be signed between Ms. Melissa Lockwood and Stephanie Muse Bakers Pvt. Ltd., as on the 25th of May, 2012, the date of signing of the given contract.

The contract states that Ms. Melissa Lockwood, the bride, has hired Stephanie Muse Bakers Pvt. Ltd. to prepare the wedding cake for the respective wedding.

Details of Groom:

Name: Mr. Nick Forbes

Contact No: 378-465-834

Details of the Bride:

Name: Ms. Melissa Lockwood

Contact No.: 251-040-568

Details of the Bakers:

Official Name: Stephanie Muse Bakers Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized personnel: Ms. Stephanie Mayer

Position: Owner

Contact No: 457-236-483

Details of the wedding:

Date: 25th August 2012

Venue: Hall No. 4, Preston Hotels, 2nd Street, New York, USA.

Time of the ceremony: 12:00 p.m.

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The cake must be made as per the design, the flavors, the type and the setting chosen by the bride.
  2. The delivery and the setting of the cake at the venue is the responsibility of the bakers.
  3. The partial payment (50%) has been made rest will be made after the wedding ceremony.


_______________________________ [Ms. Melissa Lockwood]

_______________________________ [Ms. Stephanie Mayer]

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