A wedding consulting contract is an agreement linking the wedding couple and the wedding consultant. This agreement legalises the services given by the consultant in the event of the wedding of the couple.

Sample Wedding Consulting Contract

Contract number- 26A/B

Date of signing the agreement- 22nd November 2010

The agreement is entered between Ms Monica Geller and Mr Chandler Bing (The wedding couple)


Ms Phoebe Greene, Amore Wedding Consultants (The consultant)

Terms of the contract:-

The contract is valid from 22nd November 2010 till 23rd December 2010 (The wedding day)

The consultant shall receive imbursement in accordance to the package costs of the consultancy:-

Wedding package – $439.00

Planning package- $2000.00

Totalling to- $2439.00

The compensation will be made after the facilities have been rendered by the consultant to the couple through cash or direct bank transfer.

Details of the contract-

  • The Wedding Couple is accountable for all decisions concerning their wedding, together with selection of the individuals, venues, entities, garments, participants,   decoration, beverages, music,   food, etc. and imbursement of the facilities or goods offered.
  • The Wedding Couple is legally responsible for all   liabilities acquired hereunder. The wedding consultant service shall not be held responsible for the quality or quantity of goods delivered by third parties or vendors or the like.
  • The Wedding Couple concurs that in the occasion of a Wedding Date alteration, any payment including, but not restricted to deposits and price that are non-transferable and non-refundable are the sole liability of the Wedding Couple.

Signature of:-

The Wedding Couple

Ms Monica Geller

Mr Chandler Bing

The Consultant

Ms Phoebe Greene

Amore Wedding Consultants

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