A wedding consultant contract is prepared between the couple and the wedding consultant to arrange all important arrangements for the wedding day.

Sample Wedding Consultant Contract:

Contract Number: 78/ WW

Date: November 28th, 2010

This wedding consultant contract is commenced between Maria Wedding consultants, located at: 56/ 8, Sunrise Colony, rainbow road, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter referred as the wedding consultant


Couple details:

Ms. Jenna Smith            Mr. Tom Hudson

33/ K, Lane No: 2           House no: 44/ J,

Bakers Road                  Spencer’s Street

Toronto, Canada           Toronto Canada

Hereinafter referred as the couple

Whereas the couple is interested to hire the services of the wedding consultant and the wedding consultant is willing to provide his/ her services for which the details are as following:

Wedding Date: December 15th, 2010

Time: 10am

Address: Mother Marry Church

Cathedral Road

Wilma Street

Toronto Canada

Details of the wedding consultant services: The wedding consultant will assist the couple in hiring the best services for the followings:


Ceremony Music

Reception Music




Extra Supplies

Terms & conditions for the wedding consultant contract:

Payment clause:

The couple has already paid $ 6789 to the wedding consultant and the pending payment will be cleared on December 16th, 2010.

Obligations of the wedding consultant:

The wedding consultant will serve the couple with the best services and satisfactory results.

Termination: In case of termination the couple will pay 45% of the total amount to the wedding consultant, whereas the couple will receive the full refund if the wedding consultant terminates the contract.

Hereby, the couple and the wedding consultant are requested to validate the contract:

Singed by the Wedding consultant:

Maria Simpson

Singed by the Couple:

Jenna Smith

Tom Hudson

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