A wedding catering contract refers to a contract which signed between an agency which provides catering services and the wedding representatives. It records the details of the wedding and the parties involved etc. Provided below is a sample contract where the groom is signing the contract with the catering agency.

Sample Wedding Catering Contract

Date of signing the contract: 20th May 2012

This contract has been prepared by and is being signed by Mr. Jay Dickson, the groom, and Valerie Catering Services, the catering agency, as on the date given above.

As per the contract which is being signed, Mr. Jay Dickens has selected Valerie Catering Services for making the provision of all the catering relating business at his wedding.

Details of Groom:

Name: Mr. Jay Dickson

Contact No: 364-502-375

Correspondence Address: House No. 36, Peterson Street, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

Details of Catering Agency:

Business Name: Valerie Catering Services

Authorized personnel: Ms. Valerie Campbell

Position: Executive Officer

Contact No: 561-638-505

Details of the wedding:

Date: 14th July 2012

Venue: 4235, Woodward Lawns, North Kansas, USA.

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The catering agency is required to make arrangements as per the guests estimates provided i.e. 300 guests.
  2. The payment is to be made in two equal parts, one before the wedding and the rest after.
  3. The preparations should be made as per the menu decided prior to signing the contract.
  4. The caterers are responsible for bringing the cater waiters.


_______________________________ [Ms. Valerie Campbell]

_______________________________ [Mr. Jay Dickson]

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