Wedding cake contract is an official document that is made between two parties one of which is the client who places the cake order and the other is a cake maker company or bakery. This contract is legal in nature and has to be signed by both the involved parties on the basis of the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.

Sample wedding cake contract

This contract is made effective on the date: 27’Th Jan 2011.

This contract is made between the following two parties with the following details:

  1. Mr. Tim Mathew who is hereby referred to as the CLIENT who resides at 10-I, hill road, first floor, LA.
  2. Bake Bakery who is owned by Mr. Henry Greg who is hereby referred to as the CONTRACTOR. The Bakery is situated at 56-P, Main T shopping area, LA.

This contract is based on the contract law No. 567#H and is recognised by law. Any violation of the following terms and conditions shall lead to legal implications.

Date of wedding: 14’Th Feb, 2011

No. Of kilograms of cake: 15 kg

Flavour: chocolate

Delivery time: 6PM

Terms and conditions:

  1. The CLIENT agrees to make a payment of $300 to the CONTRACTOR 4 days in advance of the wedding date.
  2. The CONTRACTOR agrees to deliver the order on time and as per the details which are agreed upon.
  3. The CONTRACTOR agrees to live up to the reputation of the brand name and deliver according to the international standards.

Signatures of both parties:

Tim Mathew                    Henry Greg

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