A wedding band contract is a legal document made between the CLIENT who hires the band for certain duration of time and the VENDOR who renders band services to the CLIENT in return for a payment. This document consists of the details of the parties as well as the terms and conditions that have to be followed.

Sample wedding band contract

This contract is made between the CLIENT and the VENDOR.

The following are the details of both involved parties

Details of the CLIENT

Name: Mr. Mathew Johnson

Address: 23-P, reggy street, London

Phone: 473894738956

Details of the VENDOR

Name: Mr. Tim Radcliff

Official Address: Y-P, Building 2, London

Phone: 473094830248

Payment details:

The total amount agreed upon: $700

Advance amount: $300 to be paid two weeks before the wedding function

Wedding date: 16’Th Feb, 2011

Time: 6PM to 12PM

Address of venue: Martin Hall 4, London

The contract is made to deliver the following things:

Music, equipments and musicians

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The CLIENT agrees to pay the amount on time and the exact amount promised must be paid.
  • The VENDOR agrees to play music on the mentioned date and venue and for the given time duration.
  • The VENDOR must play the music that is suitable for the wedding function.
  • The VENDOR must respond to personal music requests from the guests.
  • The CLIENT must take care of feeding the VENDOR and taking care of break timings.

Signatures of the parties

Mathew Johnson            Tim Radcliff

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