When an individual or an organization agrees to provide website related service to another individual or organization, an official document is drafted between both the parties which is known as the website services contract. The purpose of drafting this contract is to state the terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties.

Sample Website Service Contract

This website service contract has been drafted on this day of 10th of July 2011 and entered between Apple Incorporate referred to as the client with principal office address being 34 River Side Road, New York, New Jersey 4567 and Web Stir Limited referred to as the service provider with principal office address located at 56 Yankee Doodle Road, New York, New Jersey 4568.  As per the contract, the service provider will be designing and maintaining the company website of the client in exchange of fixed remuneration.

The terms and conditions agreed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The contract is valid for a period of two years that is till 9th of July 2013. In case the service provider is found neglecting his duties, the client can cancel the contract before the expiry date.
  2. The service provider agrees to provide his services at a total remuneration of $25000. Fifty percent of the amount will be paid in advance.
  3. The client has to provide all the information required to be mentioned in the website.

Signature of the client:                                                                       Signature of the service provider:

Tom Hanks                                                               Johnny Depp

(On behalf of Apple Incorporate)                                   (On behalf of Web Stir Limited)

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