A website partnership contract is a legal agreement between a company and a website whereby the company is entitled to receive some services from the website in return of a sum of money. The website shall be responsible for setting up the company’s profile and making graphics which will help the company look more attractive and reach out to more people thorough the internet.

Sample Website Partnership Contract:

This website partnership contract is made on June 12, 2011 by and between the following parties:


Name: Miller Auto Co

Address: 212 Plano, Texas

Phone number: 9727364958


Name: Pseudo Web Designs

Address: 31 Street Plano, Texas

Phone number: 97217354209

Terms and conditions:

Pseudo Web Designs agrees to deliver the following services:

  • Managing and hosting the website of the CLIENT for a fee of $15 a month to be paid by the CLIENT.
  • Marketing programme comprising banner ads, pay-per-click ads or listing on the website.
  • The COMPANY does not take any responsibility of increasing sales of the CLIENT as a result of the services offered.
  • The CLIENT agrees to pay a sum of $100 for the website designing by the COMPANY.
  • All materials created by the COMPANY are owned by the COMPANY. The CLIENT has the right to use the website, its materials as long as the CLIENT is paying the monthly fee.
  • The COMPANY can increase the services fee but will notify the CLIENT 2 weeks in advance.

Both parties understand and agree to the terms and conditions.

Signature: Miller Auto Co

Signature: Pseudo Web Designs

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