A website management contract is a legal document which is drafted when an individual or an organization having a website decides to hand over its responsibility of management to another individual or an organization. These types of contract contain the information of both the parties, the details of the website and other terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Website Management Contract

Contract Number: PS 7890

Date of Registration: 29th May, 2010.

This is an agreement made between Mr. James Carter, as the representative of the website company which has its office at 456, Downing Street, Evansville, Kentucky and Mr. David Shepherd, as the representative of the management company having its office at 2433, Havel’s Park, Greensboro, Tennessee.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The duration of the contract shall be of two years until it is terminated by either of the parties.
  • The agreed payment of the services shall be $1,00,000 per annum and shall be transferred at a specific time during the year which will be agreed on by both the parties.
  • The management company shall not advertise or promote itself on the website handed over to them to manage.
  • The website company will have entire rights to take legal action against the management company if it finds any kind of misuse of their virtual space.
  • The management company shall hold rights to take decisions regarding the functions of the website as far as it has the consent from the website company.

Hence, both the parties concerned are in approval of this contract.


Mr. James Carter


Mr. David Shepherd


Rose Dawson

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