A Website development contract is a contract which is made between a website owner and a website developer. These kinds of contracts are formal and legal in nature and bind the two parties together for a fixed period of time.

Sample website development contract:

This contract has been entered into on the effective date 3rd July, 2011

This contract is made between

Mr. Greg Jones who is hereafter known as the OWNER and resides at the address GT-90, first floor, G tower, LA


Mr. Henry Halls who is hereafter known as the DEVELOPER of the website and resides at 45-p, second lane, peets square, LA

Contact details of OWNER:

Phone: 48309850954658

Email: Jones12@hotmail.com

Contact details of DEVELOPER

Phone: 43098505894055

Email: hallsdgreat@yahoo.com

Details of the website

Name: gadgetfreak.com

This website is related to the news related to the latest gadgets.

Both the parties realise that the development of the website must be done within a time frame which has been specified later.

The following are the covenants and promises to be fulfilled by the parties:

  • Payment details:

OWNER must pay a total amount of $2000 for the initial development of the website.

  • The termination date of the contract: 3rd January, 2011 which makes the contract period to be 6 months.
  • This contract makes the OWNER obliged to provide the DEVELOPER full support and information about the content of the website.
  • The OWNER shall not hire any other website developer for the purpose of developing the same website.

Signatures of the parties:

Greg Jones

Henry Halls

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