A Volunteer contract is a kind of an agreement between the company or organization that hires and trains a volunteer and the volunteer himself. It stresses upon the duties and responsibilities expected from the volunteer during the period of the contract.

Sample Volunteer Contract:

Name of Volunteer: Tim Young

Contact Number: 445679047809

Position of Volunteer: Assisting on on-site administration

Location: Science Museum, LA

Department Supervisor: Mr. Greg James

Period of volunteering: one week, starting from 12’Th November, 2010

Time Slot: 10 am to 4 pm

Batch Number: 45T

The volunteer agrees to the following:

  • The volunteer must arrive at least 15 minutes before the assigned time.
  • The volunteer must honour the laws and rules of the Museum and behave in a disciplined manner at all times.
  • The volunteer is strictly prohibited from using abusive language.
  • The volunteer must respect other volunteers and organization members.
  • The volunteer must carry his/her identity card at all times.
  • The volunteer is expected to inform his respective department supervisor in advance before taking a leave and must provide with a substitute.
  • The volunteer is expected to be present in all the general volunteer training sessions which shall begin 2 days before assigned days of duty.
  • The volunteer must guide the visitors and guests to the requested room of artifacts in a polite way.

The volunteer hereby agrees to pay the applicable fee in case of failure to fulfill his/her assigned obligation.

Tim Young


I hereby accept the volunteering request and declare Mr. Tim Young a volunteer for Science Museum Week.

Greg James


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