Video game development contract is a contract where video games are developed by software developers. Development takes place between a game developer, which can vary from a single person to large company. Games are usually funded by publishers and take many years to develop.

Sample Video game Development Contract

Contract number: – VG-23/1

This contract is effective as from 1st July 2009 by and between Grand websites, a Miami corporation with its principal place of operating business at 345 Avenue Street, Miami, United States Of America and Harvest Inc., a New York based corporation with its head office at 340, 25th mark street, New York, United States Of America.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Any information or knowledge acquired, possessed or developed by Harvest Inc. during the contract or prior to it shall be shared with Grand websites.
  • All the expenses of creating a new video game shall be bored by Grand websites.
  • Harvest inc. is to get 5% share from the earnings through advertisements.
  • Harvest Inc. is to develop the games in CD format also.

Video games mean the following formats:-

  • Animation games
  • Car Racing games
  • Motor racing games
  • Fighting games
  • Memory games

Termination of Contract:-

Any violation of the above said terms and conditions will lead to the immediate termination of the contract. The contract shall also terminate if the developer company leaks any information to any other party.

Hence, the above mentioned contract is valid.

Signature of the Owner Company

Grand Websites

Signature of the Video game developer company

Harvest Inc.

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