All the business firms conduct a number of meetings, workshops and conferences etc. which should be recorded for various reasons such as future reference, press releases etc. The firms thus contract out the task to professional recording studios. These contracts are documented in what are referred to as video commercial contract.

Sample Video Commercial Contract

The contract prepared here is being signed between the following parties- the video recording firm M/s Henry Studios Ltd. and the business under the name Clarkson Durables Ltd.

The contract signed on 7th February, 2012, states that M/s Henry Studios Ltd. has been given the contract to manage all the tasks related to the video recording of the respective business.

Date of commencement of contract: 10th February, 2012

Date of expiry of contract: 10th February, 2014.

Details of the Business:

Name: Clarkson Durables Ltd.

Signatory personnel: Mr. James Fallon

Contact No.: 239-19-203

Official Address: Plot No.-55, Katherine Height Plaza, Victoria Lane, Essex, UK.

Details of the Video Firm:

Name: M/s Henry Studios Ltd.

Signatory Personnel: Mr. Josh Millar

Position: Manager

Contact No.: 239-94-293

Official Address: 4th Avenue, Victoria Square, Johannesburg, United States of America.

Details/ Terms of the Contract:

  1. 1. The video firm is required to record all the meetings, conferences, events etc which the business wants to be recorded.
  2. 2. The edited recordings should be delivered to the media relations department of the business.
  3. 3. The business is required to make the payments of the recording after every task has been completed.


_____________________________ (Mr. James Fallon)

_____________________________ (Mr. Josh Miller)

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