A venue rental contract is a written document that is made between two or more parties regarding the renting of a venue for an event. This contract is signed mutually between parties known as the OWNER and the RENTER. The violation of the terms of this contract can lead to legal implications.

Sample venue rental contract:

This venue rental contract is made effective on the date: 3rd Feb, 2011

This venue rental contract is made between two parties whose details are given as following:

Details of the OWNER

Name: Mr. James Anderson

Phone: 487309584783

Address: 12-H, Hemingway Street, London

Details of the RENTER

Name: Mr. Chris Jacob

Phone: 4789385945955

Address: 2-G, first floor, Mathew Square, London

Address of Venue: Tim district, Hall no. 2, London

Duration of contract: 1 day

Timings of party to be hosted at venue: 11am to 8pm

Date of venue usage: 25th Feb, 2011

Total rental charge: $500

Purpose of venue rental: Wedding Party

The venue is well spaced out and consists of two areas one of which is open and the other is covered. This space can comfortably accommodate around 100-120 people.

Terms and conditions:

  • The RENTER must treat the venue with proper care and avoid any damage to the furniture, windows, lights and others.
  • Any misconduct on the part of the RENTER will be met with legal implications.
  • The RENTER must pay the rental charge well in advance.
  • The OWNER must present the venue in proper conditions to the RENTER.


James Anderson     Chris Jacob

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